Monday, March 17, 2008

Who's not wearing green so I can pinch you?!

It kind of makes me laugh that even after all this time, and as much as I blog, I still need privacy in SL.

Anyway. Ladies, if you're still in need of something green [and if you are, holy cow, where have you been the past week?], get yourselves over to Imagen [SLurl] and pick up the dollarbie dress there. Oooh, it is SO pretty. I ran into Creamy while going to SWA to pick up a gift and she looked stunning in her dress combined with the Blaze group gift boots. No, not the ones from last month, these boots are in green. So yes, join the Blaze group and get some boots. :)

Speaking of group gifts, OMG YAY for Alienbear's gift today! It's a very pretty ring and a TIARA! Oh it's just the loveliest jewelry. You can only get this today, so if you're not in the group, hurry up and join and run up to the member's shop to get it. It'll cost you $2L for both pieces, which is such an incredibly small price to pay for something so beautiful, I almost feel like I'm stealing something. LOL

I'll admit it, I woke up today not feeling the green. After the past couple of weeks of almost everyday shamrocks and green stuff, I was about Irished out. Who knew all it was going to take was a beautiful dress and a tiara to make me look around for my green beer?

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