Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I don't usually hit sales on the first day, and I especially don't hit them at "prime time" when they're almost sure to be packed. But when I got word that Reaction [SLurl] was having a REALLY great sale, I couldn't help but fight the lag and run out there!

I'm sooooooooo glad that I did, too! I picked up LOADS of stuff, all under $40L!! Including SHOES! Sneakers, to be exact! Cute sneakers that aren't bigger than my head! And flip flops and capris and sundresses and hoodies...I even ran [um, laggy ran] over to the guys' store and picked up a fun t-shirt and some sunglasses! The fun part is that things are different prices. So you might see a dress in green for $10L, but one in blue might be $15L. It's just a great sale if you like fun, casual, skater/surfer type clothes. I LOVE Reaction and it's been one of my fave stores since I got a hoodie and a skirt there during one of the Valentine hunts. I spent about $300L and came out with SO much stuff. I'm one happy camper!! And I know I'll go back later and pick up more shoes! LOL

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