Sunday, March 2, 2008

They should have never let me have building skills.

Ok you guys. If you see me online between 1pm SLT and 5pm SLT, tell me to get to work. :-p I have soooo many ideas swirling around in my brain, but I need to sit my butt down and DO them. Or at least start on some of them. And I need to get with Cen so we can start doing pictures for our project.

Now, see, I DID get some building done today. Unfortunately, it was all very bad.

See what happens to campers?

See, Cen IMed to tell me she was being blinded by bling. So I ran over and sure enough...Blingtard. He was sitting to camp, so we sat, too. Then right in the middle of the conversation we were attempting to have with him, he puts a flip title on that says he's busy. Oh yeah? Well, I can get busy as well! So I started building stuff on him.

At one point, he came back and asked what was on him. He thought I'd attached it to his av. This is actually tame. Later, it got worse.

I hit up the Gossip Girl festivities tonight. I got tons of great stuff. I'm especially pleased with a dress from Ivalde and a couple of dresses from Rebel Hope.

Prom Night at 7pm SLT at my club. :) I hope some of you can make it! I'll be DJing, and I'm actually going to get a tentative playlist together. Usually I wing it and play what I have, but I'd like to mix it up this time. Of course, I take requests, too. :) I'm just excited to dress up!

I have an errand to run in the morning, so I better get to bed.


Anonymous said...

Alicia my hero, thanks for coming to save me. In this picture you had already covered his bling shoes, watch and belt so it was almost bearable.

You know if we keep playing with the campers we'll never get anything done. I spend so much time standing beside that bench I should at least camp or start turning tricks.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Aww, but playing with the campers is so fun. What else are we supposed to occupy our time with?

But I don't suggest turning tricks. They might think you're a camping device, and I know so very few men who could last 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this was hilarious.