Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Under The Sea

Sometimes I get really overwhelmed with all the fashion stuff in SL. I love picking out clothes and shoes and hair and accessories and all of that. I really do. But sometimes it gets to be too much and I spend half my time worrying that I'm wearing the wrong thing, even if I really like it. Who wants to end up on SL Fashion Police? But then in the middle of all my shopping, I land in a place so completely cool and educational, I remember that Second Life isn't JUST fashion based.

My day started out when I went to She's So Unusual [SLurl] to pick up a pair of dollarbie heels that are SO completely cute and SO completely what I wanted today.

Watermelon Heels

It's cold and wet and icky in my RL today, so these little cuties are like a taste of summer. There are other fruity heels as well, which I may end up picking up. I did get 2 pairs of the sneaker mules, because they're cute and dirt cheap at only $50L. I threw together an outfit of a jean skirt and a pink & green halter top and then set off in search of a beach so I could at least pretend that it's summer. Unfortunately, a lot of the beaches in SL are either crazy ugly or for free sex or overcrowded with newbies who thought it was for free sex. But then I landed on the dock at the Abyss Museum of Ocean Science. [SLurl]


What a cool place! There was tons to read and look at. It's not a huge place but you can stay there for ages reading everything about the ocean. If you're a trivia buff, this is a great place because you know how little bits of info stick in your brain, and who knows when you may be asked a question about hydrothermal vent or what abyssopelagic means?

You can even take an elevator down into the ocean and walk around.

Sea Floor

Loads of fun and I'm so glad I went. :) Best part, I picked up a notecard out there of a lot of science related places in SL to visit. I was never a science fan in school, but I enjoy visiting these kinds of places in SL because it's done in a way that is more understandable to me.

So thank you, Abyss Museum, for reminding me that SL is so much more than just who has the best outfit.

Of course, then I ran to <3Cupcakes because of the sale. But we won't talk about that. :)

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