Sunday, March 30, 2008

Randomsity - Pictures!

So since a database crashed and therefore I cannot FREAKING LOG IN, I thought I'd entertain with some very random pictures. :)

This is Niki humping me. She loves me. LOL

Niki loves me

Last night there was a live Motley Crue tribute at the club. This is Tommy Lee. Kind of. I don't know. :-p Doesn't look much like him to me.

Tommy Lee...kind of.

I get really bad lag sometimes at the club, so I turn off prims & alphas to help out. Then I end up spending the evening looking at this kind of mess.


Following a tip from QueenKellee's blog, I went to the Tunnel of Light. OMG, it's SO COOL. You have to have Windlight for this to look good, meaning you must now be on the Release Candidate viewer. This picture doesn't do it justice at all. I took a bunch of pics, but really, it's something you'd have to see for yourself.

Tunnel of Light

Yesterday morning, Sam and I went to the wedding of Serrina & Chop. They own C&S Woodworks, which is in the same sim as The Viper Pit. It was a nice wedding. Her dress, as you can see, was enormous.

Serrina & Chop's Wedding

I guess I'll see if I can sign in now. Or not. :-p

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