Friday, February 29, 2008

SL Hates The Working Man [Or Woman]

For some reason, SL has taken a nosedive for me today, to the point of where I cannot log in at all. And that's just too bad since I was TOTALLY on my way to a sandbox to work.

I think I'm going to push back my opening a couple more days. I planned on opening tomorrow, but I'm really not ready and I probably won't be home for most of the day tomorrow anyway. Then I thought about Sunday, but I guess we'll see about that. There's no rush and I don't know why I feel like there is. :-p

Possibly the main reason I want to hurry and open is because so many of you have been so kind and messaged me to tell me how you can't wait to see the store and can't wait to meet me. And I'm very excited to get to meet a lot of you! The place where I'm at is very cool, with a great bar/hang out type place, so I'm hoping that you'll explore the land and hang out when you're finished looking at my stuff. :)

When I was in-world earlier, I was making the freebies rounds, as I normally do after logging in, and I stopped over at Big Booty, Big Money. BBBM isn't a store that I remember to go to a lot, which is a shame because there's always a great gift there at the door. After I picked up the gift, I wandered outside and ended up in someone's photography exhibit.

I kinda don't get it.

I appreciate art. I really do. But I kind of didn't understand the photos in the exhibit. This one was very bright, though. :) I like the colors. It did have an America's Next Top Model photoshoot feel to it. That's probably not a compliment, huh?

Maybe I'll attempt logging in now.

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