Saturday, February 2, 2008

Afternoon Giggles

Do you like machinima? I do. I'd love to be able to create some of my own, but my computer would go into severe cardiac arrest, and with its last dying breath, shoot laser beams from the monitor and kill me and then where would I be? Lying there with my hair burned from the lasers with a dead computer next to me.

While I was waiting for my laundry, I decided to go hunting for Second Life machinima. I stumbled on the best thing EVER. DiVAS! It's a virtual sitcom filmed in SL and oh is it funny! I was laughing so loudly that my kitten, who was napping quietly, woke up and gave me an evil look before stumbling off to his food dish.

The show is very well done. There is no dialogue, which makes it even better in my opinion. Everything is expressed through movement and music and props. If you have some time, you absolutely MUST check it out!!

DiVAS website - When you click on the videos, it'll send you over to YouTube. If you want to bypass the site and just go to the videos, click here. You can also watch the "Welcome To Second Life" video Phaylen did a year ago. It's kind of cute, but not the quality of DiVAS. :)

Damn. My laundry is done.

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