Saturday, February 16, 2008

Too much shopping? Did I just say that?!

I have the worst headache today, but luckily Saturday television is semi-good. :)

I was in world earlier, hitting the rounds of gifts and all of that when it just hit me that I have been spending a CRAZY amount of time lately just shopping. I haven't really explored anywhere good lately just because I'm shopping all the freaking time. I haven't built anything lately, unless you count my Primtionary builds. [I had to build the word "pregnancy" the other day. It looked like a worm in a blister. Luckily it was guessed before I had to build the breaking of the water.] Someone asked me the other day where I get my inspiration from when I build. Well, to be honest, my builds in the past have been based on what I need at the time. I need a chair, boom, I build a chair. I wanted a tiny miniskirt that fit my body without glitch pants, boom, I built one. But with all the shopping I do, I haven't felt the need to continue making skirts. I live in a beautifully furnished skybox, so I don't build furniture anymore because I don't really need anything.

So my goal this weekend is to get back to basics. I adore the "neko" belts with all the stuff hanging off of them, but they almost never fit me. So I think I may try building one for myself, which means I'll have to probably work with mini-prims again [something I'm not all that great at], and figure out what I want to put on the belt. I already have an idea, it's just figuring out how to make it is going to be the problem. But isn't it always? :)

Enough talk. To the sandbox!

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