Friday, February 15, 2008

Looking For Shoes

First of all, thank you, Tymmerie, for my awesome new shirt!


So funny, I love it!

I spent some time today looking for some shoes. I'm looking for just basic closed toe inexpensive heels. I'm not asking for sculpty, or bling [definitely no bling!] or sounds or anything crazy. Just plain ol' heels. You'd THINK that wouldn't be hard to find, right? You'd be wrong.

First of all, almost all the basic heels out there are running about $200-300L. We're talking about just totally basic, barely any texture, plain colored, prim shoes. Why? I would think that if a store charged just $100L for plain shoes, but in lots and lots of colors, they'd really clean up because people would buy them so they could match to lots of outfits. I really should learn to make shoes. :-p

Anyway, in my travels, I ended up at this place called Jezebel's. It's in this kind of mishmash of a mall. I found a cute dress that came with some shoes. $49L! The shoes, while not top quality, are very basic and kind of what I wanted. The dress is pretty cute, too, so I'm happy.

The best part about going out to Jezebel's wasn't finding a cute dress & shoes for cheap. It was this.


That's fabulous. I want to buy it just to put on the outside of my pants. LOL


Anonymous said...

I read your blog!!

Unknown said...

I am so glad you liked the shirt! I thought of your SLebrity when I saw it! :-)