Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Skin Shopping

A long nap and some lunch and I'm feeling better. I'm usually really good about keeping my blood sugar steady, but I hadn't really eaten since Monday. That's bound to make anyone feel crazy. :)

If you haven't been over to check out the results of Tymmerie's big SLove surveys, go over and check it out now. Be sure you read her comments too, because her boyfriend left a really great one.

I spent some time today going to a few stores to check out demo skins. Not that I'm really in the market for a new skin, but it never hurts to look. Plus it's helpful when you're familiar with the "big name" skins so you can detect rip offs. I hit up Naughty Island, Nevermore Studios, The Body Politik, RaC, and X2.

First off, how does ANYONE shop at Naughty? The lag is so horrific, I grabbed demos in between screen freezes and went home to try them on. My FPS at Naughty was about 5. At home, it was 30. I liked the Alina skins, but not the Haley ones. The Haley ones made my eyes look kind of dirty. The Paris skins are nice too, but not my style.

I like the skins at Nevermore except for the lips. They have a new line of skins coming out on March 1st, so I'm going to definitely revisit.

[YES! The new release candidate viewer has the Release Keys back in the old spot! Hooray!!]

The Body Politik skins are pretty, but the eyebrows bother me for some reason. Like I want to go in with an eyebrow pencil and fill them in a bit.

The X2 skins, while very well done, aren't fit for my shape at all, especially on the butt. The RaC skins are soft and lovely, but don't fit my face. One of them I tried on made me look terribly worried.

If I was going to go out and purchase a skin, I'd probably end up back at Cake. After wearing a demo skin from there for my event the other night, I just really really liked it.

Oh, but please take this little bit of advice. If you feel it necessary to strip down naked to try on a skin, PLEASE do it at your home or fly up in the sky or go to one of the dressing rooms that are around. Don't just get naked in the middle of the store. Unless there's absolutely no one around. :)


Andria Meredith said...

You do have a point there-- what is it about skins shops that make people into total nudists?

To be honest, as nice as the big-name skin shops are I usually find the ones I like best in the cute little up-and-coming shops (though I'm an admitted Dutch Touch addict and Tuli-holic. ^^; )

Alicia Chenaux said...

I think the smaller skin shops offer a bit more than the big name shops lately. Even Dutch Touch & Tuli aren't exactly HUGE stores, which is great. And they work hard on updating and keeping their skins fresh. :)

Valryn Vandeverre said...

-grins- It doesn't take a skin shop to turn me into a nudist :)

I'm already there, any ol' excuse to get the girls out and its bring the balloons party-time -laughs- kidding

But... I will get naked if I'm serious about the skin and want to really get to inspecting it... tho I usually will try to find a nice quiet corner to hide in first.. tho, if I'm skin shopping odds are I'm already half naked anyway.

My pet peeve with skins, wtf is with some skin designers, acting as if the face is the single-MOST important part of the skin, I tried one on recently (nameless designer shop with a TOP TOP TOp line of skins) fuckin nipples looked like two lumps of playdoh.

Random girl says next to me when I have a lil whine about it.

-snooty voice- well, these skins aren't meant for those kind of people that just want to have pose-ball sex. O_o

Must have been my CFM stilettos that tipped her off eh?

Happy Heart Day Alicia mwah xxx

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! Well you know, I don't have poseball sex or get naked almost anywhere except in the privacy of my own home, and no one ever sees me, but I get annoyed when the body details aren't good. Yes, the face is important, but so is the rest.

And remind me not to go skin shopping with you, you little exhibitionist! :)

Anonymous said...

ooh you need to check out PXL Creations, tis my absolute favorite skin now, that I rarely evah remove!!

Unknown said...

If the skin shops just showed the naughty bits in the displays I would not feel a strong need to strip naked in a store. Not that I ever have mind you, I just fell like I *need* to see the important stuff. For me, the most important part of a skin is the face, followed by nipples and then kitty. Luckily for the shoppers around me, most skins looks simply atrocious with my shape, so after one look at the face I don't need to get nekkid.