Monday, February 4, 2008

New Boots!

Ok, coffee in hand, and new boots on my feet. The Blaze update group was gifted with a pair of black stiletto boots, and I was so happy that the calf part came in 2 sizes - medium and small. I don't know what to tell you if you have huge calves. :) Check them out.

Blaze free boots

I was prancing around my apartment in them when I noticed something on my leg. At first I thought it was my monitor, and then I thought it was my glasses, but no. It was definitely on my leg.

Boots Flaw

Yes. For some reason, the boots base gives me this faint line on my upper thigh. I'm not totally worried about it really, since it's high up enough that most of my skirts would probably cover it, but at the same time, I got curious as to whether or not this was a problem specific to me, or just to the boots because they were a gift, or if they're actually this way.

I headed out to the Blaze store and there was a woman standing there in front of the sign with the boots on her feet. She was wearing a system skirt, so I thought I'd just take a little peek under to see if she had the little line on her thigh. Imagine my surprise when I was instead looking at her very hairy girl part and a huge hot pink blinging clit ring. But I didn't see the line that I have on my thigh. Of course, who could see? lol I guess I could have asked her if she was wearing the free boots, but I was just ready to head home at that point.

If you get the boots today, will you please tell me if you see the line on your thigh?

It just got me thinking about something Sidonie and I were talking about yesterday. If you're a designer, how do you know what to charge for your items? Do you base it on what others charge, or do you base it on what you believe your product is worth? Skins, for example, can be terribly expensive and yet have all kinds of weird flaws. And we understand that with the SL avatar shape things that looked great on one shape may look distorted on another. But if you know that you have visible seams, or things aren't as detailed as one may like, do you still slap a $1500L price tag on it because that's what another skin maker may charge? Do you charge full "retail" price for flawed items if you KNOW what's wrong?

I did IM Blaze Columbia to mention the streak, but no word back yet. And really, I'm NOT trying to be a wench about it or anything like that since I will wear these boots anyway. But I thought it was worth mentioning. :)


Calaya Criss said...

Wow! I can't believe you noticed that lol! and in answer to your question yes i see that line too. just had to put on some super short shorts to find it! ^.^!

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL, well, I don't think I WOULD have noticed it had I been in regular clothes. But because I was not wearing much to begin with, it just showed up big time to me. I changed to several different shapes to see if maybe it had something to do with my shape, but even in a fat shape or a super skinny one, it was there. But you're right, you do have to be wearing something very short to see it!

Sidonie said...

those are kick ass boots. I didn't notice a line thing but I'm a lot taller than you so it may be in my knee or something.