Thursday, February 21, 2008

Miss Crankypants

So just from reading the comments to my entry about love, and what some of you have told me in world, the answer is clear. Love is love and cannot be explained, but is welcomed. :) And maybe online relationships aren't perfect, but hey, "real" world ones aren't either.

I am tired today. I got myself up early so I could do a couple of RL things, and sit to work on my hostess belt. I've been sitting here working on it, but I'm tired and now I'm annoyed a bit. It's a silly thing, but it still annoyed me.

When you do most of your building in a sandbox, you know that you're going to meet people or people are probably going to stand and watch you build for a bit. I have no issues with that because I often watch the other builders as well just to see their technique. [I do use camera controls to watch from a distance, though. I never go and just stand on top of their work to get in their way.] Well, today I'm sitting here working and this guy comes over and just stands there. I'm cool, so I just keep making my rings. Then he starts talking.

German Guy: wb alicia
You: wb? lol i didn't realize i'd left.
German Guy: was ist denn das?
You: what?
German Guy: die kiste oder tisch - sehe nur einen schwarzen block
You: um...ok.
German Guy: achnee drüber haste auch noch etwas
German Guy: she aber nicht was das genau ist
German Guy: nun sehe ich nur etwas rundes - was ist ist das
You: i don't understand what you're saying.

Wasn't it apparent that I don't speak German? But he said that he'd spoken before with a girl with my exact same name and she spoke German. Guess she must look just like me, too. :-p

So I'm trying to line things up, and he just keeps going on and on. Rule number one of sandbox etiquette: If someone doesn't stop what they're doing, shut up, because they're busy. If they STOP, look at you, and continue making conversation, then that's cool. I didn't stop working. I was making a little notepad [which is super cute] and he was just going on and on! Then he asked if I sell my things, to which I replied that I'm planning on opening a shop, so that's why I'm working on the belt. And THEN he really annoyed me.

German Guy: right - if you like to make profit with you work - do it -
You: no, i don't do it for money. it's not important. i do it because i enjoy building.
German Guy: ok - that is your desicion -

Well of course it's my decision! Not everyone makes stuff for profit!

Wow. I'm really cranky today. I'm sorry, guys. I need a cuddle or a nap. Probably a nap. :-p

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