Saturday, February 2, 2008

Analyzing Analytics

Last month, Ms. Creamy Cooljoke of SL Free*Style recommended to me that I use Google Analytics just to kind of see if people are coming here and all of that. I've enjoyed using it, because honestly, I didn't know people were really reading. LOL But since January 18th, I've managed to get over 2000 hits to my blog. On any given day, I get between 140-160 visits, with the highest day being a 272 visit day. I believe that's the day that the barrette picture came out. [Someone actually marked that pic as a favorite in Flickr. What the heck?]

I don't use the analytics to look at IP addresses or even see what ISPs are being used. I'm not interested in that and I respect you all enough to give you some privacy. However, I would SO much like to know who searched for this...

From Google Analytics

and ended up on my blog. LOL! Clitless fetish. My gosh.


Sidonie said...

Hmmm, now I need to do that. Curiouser and curiouser.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sorry Alicia - that was me searching for clitless.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Sidonie - Just go to and sign up. You'll get a little script to put on your blog. It's really easy and it doesn't have a big ugly graphic or anything. :)

Cen, I figured that was you. I know how fetishy you are. LOL!

Unknown said...

I had to leave a comment - I looked at my stats today and some poor soul found be looking for "nice shoe". Unfortunately for them, the article I titled "Nice Shoe" was all about my foray into the world of Xcite! - complete with a photo of me in cuffs and a gag ball. Be careful what you search for people. :-P