Monday, February 25, 2008

The Worst Try-To-Pick-Me-Up Conversation Ever

There are so many things I should be doing right now, but I completely forgot what happened to me yesterday. For a blog post that I will [hopefully] be doing soon, I headed out to Freebie Island to look around. It was crowded, as usual, with both newcomers and freegans and the like. If it weren't so laggy, it would be a fun place. Someone said hello to me within the first couple of minutes after I arrived. The following conversation took place out in open chat, so I had to cut out all the extra stuff, but other than that, nothing has been changed.

[17:59] Random Guy: hy alicia
[17:59] You: Hello
[17:59] Random Guy: i am brazilian, and you?
[17:59] You: I'm from the US.
[18:00] Random Guy: good
[18:00] Random Guy: you are very beautiful
[18:00] You: Thanks. :)
[18:01] Random Guy: i want you
[18:01] You: For what?
[18:01] Random Guy: well...i don't know...sorry
[18:01] You: LOL

You know, I don't get hit on a whole lot. I know all the stories about how women in SL can't step foot outside of their door without some man chatting them up and trying to get them into bed, but that very very very rarely happens to me. And heck, maybe something got lost in translation here, although he seemed to understand English perfectly well, but I'm THINKING that this is pretty much not the way to go when trying to pick a girl up.

Btw, if you haven't gone out to Encore [SLurl] to pick up your free Sit-n-Spin yet, you SO should. I wasted quite a bit of time earlier just spinning around.

Ok...back to the grindstone.


Strawberry Singh said...

OMG hahahahaha that's too funny. Poor guy, he even apologized. That's definitely up there for being one of the worst.

Calaya Criss said...

mg, lol i laughed so hard when i read that convo, LMAO, poor guy hahaha, can't blame him for tryin i guess!