Friday, February 8, 2008

Pretty pretty princess

Hey ladies, you HAVE to go get this free dress right now! It's from Ghost! and was made for the Chinese New Year. But it's just perfect for any Valentine's formals you might be hitting up.

Chinese New Year dress

It's not often I'm totally flabbergasted by a dress in SL, but I'm soooo happy with this one. It's just so lush and gorgeous and I wanted to throw it on my bed and roll around in it.

I'm rolling in it!

Of course, it inspired me to produce this picture too.

New year dress - b&w

I'm not a huge fan of red, in my RL or my SL, but I really like this dress. So hurry up and go get it before it's gone. :)

It's almost time for me to pay my rent again, and I'm trying to decide if I want to stay here or find another place or take advantage of a very special deal that a good friend offered me. Eh, I'll renew one more week at least. I'm a little tired of moving. LOL At least for now. SOMEONE who is obsessed with trees is making me miss having a yard. :-p

Hmm...perhaps it is bedtime. Early! :)

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