Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a full evening!!

I just love the opinions given in my last post!! You guys are awesome. :) And I am always happy to hear of people who have found love, online or off! :)

Tonight was one of those nights were I was constantly moving, and I enjoyed it greatly! I have a bunch of pics and a lot to say, so let's get going!!

Earlier today, I was trying on some things, and I put on my very awesome Dreadlock Ponytails from Soulfire [SLurl] when I remembered that I've been meaning to bother Valryn and ask if she could please do the platinum in the multi-colored dreads like she did for the black one. She's as sweet as can be and did it up for me really quickly. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

New Hair

New hair - Orton

Now I know, I could have recolored it myself. But she did a far better job than I could have done. Later, I realized I SUCK and I didn't even pay her for her work! So I tripped on over to the store and bought the Blues set I've had my eye on since she posted it in her blog. It is SO CUTE. I want all of you to go buy it. It's worth it just for the belt and choker alone!

So after that, I was just hanging out at my place staring at myself, when Casius reminded me about the party that was going on for the island where I live. [He's my landlord, if I've never mentioned that.] It was a fun party!! Even Tymmerie and her boyfriend Jerremy were there! :)


Island Party

Tymmerie & Jerremy

I left the party early because I was going to go play Primtionary [and I needed a relog badly, which is pretty much how my whole night was] but I wasn't really in the "sit down and play" mood. So I got myself redressed and headed over to my job because there was a big "frat party kegger" going on. I was a cheerleader!

Cheerleading Me!

You can't see it very well, but I'm holding a cigarette. I'm THAT cheerleader.

As the party was ending, CeNedra and I were chatting and she said that she knew of some vendor space for me, if I was interested. So I got out of my cheer outfit and back into my Blues outfit and headed over to her. It's a great place, still being built, and best of all it's owned by a good friend of ours. Well, friend to me, family to her. But she's like my sister so it's all the same actually. LOL I will probably end up renting two floors, so that I have space to set some things out and stuff. But it depends on when I actually get my ass in gear and get some things finished. I think tomorrow, since I don't have anything to do during the day, I'm going to set a time and just do nothing but work for an hour or two.

Oh, but look. Valryn's awesome outfit makes men drop to their knees around me. :-p


Later on, Cen, her guy Rick, and I all headed out. We hit up the Carnival of Doom, which is by the same people who did the Greenies sim. It's kind of fun, especially when you die! LOL See, you get to wear a health meter and some things can take your health away. I ended up dying and ended up in the waiting from that's from the Beetlejuice movie. And I got a balloon!

Now serving #23

After that, we went to Bedrock to explore. One thing about the Bedrock sim, they have great music. We just had to dance in the Rubbles' house. :)

Dancing in Bedrock

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, Cen and I would TOTALLY be lesbians for each other if we weren't straight.



We did a fun thing before she signed off for the night. We went on the FashCon Tour Bus!! It's loads of fun. You get a HUD from one of the FashCon kiosks [bunches of stores have them], wear it, turn the Tour Bus on, and every 5 minutes your map pops up and you can teleport to a new store. We went to a whole bunch of stores, most I know I hadn't been to before. It's a great chance to see places you may not know of, or hit stores that you have liked in the past. Not all of the stores are great, of course, but 5 minutes is pretty much nothing to wait until the bus comes for you again. :) We ended up at silks stores, skins stores, and even a place with stripper stuff. Hey Wrath, you owe me $1L.

On the pole

All in all, it was a pretty great day. :) But it's most definitely bedtime now.



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

HI! I didn't know Casius was your landlord! How cool! Hee - I tried to take a pic of you at the party, too, but you kept moving around too much with your wild dancing! :-P The DJ was especially good (Tempest Jewell) because she kept indulging me by playing my Nine Inch Nails requests! And since there was an Oriental theme to the party I finally for to break out one of my Digital Eyes fans! YAY!

And now I know where you got that adorable outfit - I may have to treat myself to that one. LOL that you were *that* cheerleader, very cute!

Sidonie said...

Oh I see now what you were doing!


Looks like you all had a fabulous time and I love your cheerleader get up.

I spent the evening shopping!

There was shopping!


Anonymous said...

I loved Bedrock, I'm sooo going back to bowl there very soon.

The carnival was fun, but I felt kind of bad when you died and had to go to the "time out" room. OK, I might have been laughing on the outside but I did feel bad on the inside.

I often stumble on, or get dragged to, fabulously fun places in SL and there is never anyone there. Why is that? I guess it's because fun places don't get half the advertising as retail. It's too bad because I don't know how they make money and obviously put alot of time and effort into it.

Anyway, off to ponder my latest dilema. Even if the whole "straight" thing wasn't an issue, we're still kind of sisters, Dang It!