Monday, February 18, 2008

Wrapping up the night

I'm heading to bed, I really am. But I'm still unwinding from a very bouncy fast set I did tonight. Oh yes, I DJed. LOL The DJ scheduled had family things to do. Supposedly. But you better believe I had the programs & folders I use for DJing already up and open by 6:55. :-p I'm thinking about asking that on my shifts [I work each Monday & Thursday] that I just be scheduled as hostess & DJ. I don't mind doing double duty, and I seem to have to do it anyway. It's unfair to have someone scheduled with me, and then not show up for whatever reason, and I'm scrambling at the end to get music up and all of that when I should be greeting guests and sending notices. If it happens again Thursday, then that's just what I'm going to do.

I got to hang out with Sidonie and Mr. Coolname for a bit after the event. We went to this store called Weird Shit. It was pretty neat - and yes, had lots of weird shit. But if I ever need some kind of crazy costume, that's going to be my first stop! I had fun hanging out with them. :) They did a great job of not making me feel like the 3rd wheel. :)

I'm really spacing out now, so I think it's honestly bedtime. Tomorrow I'll talk about a cool freebie store and some other junk.

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Valryn Vandeverre said...

You know, when I was DJ'ing I often wondered why DJ's couldn't host as well, but I was very interactive with the crowd, some DJ's aren't they just say a couple of words every five songs and thats about it.

Sometimes I miss DJ'ing, and then I remember why I stopped. :)