Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wow. What An Idiot.

More about the theft of Laynie Link's Vanessa dress can be found here.

So this thief didn't steal this dress for the "normal" reasons that people steal. She, Lalinda Lovell, wasn't selling it or trying to make a profit. She was passing it out full perms because she was angry that Laynie supports Autism Speaks.

That has got to be the most idiotic reason for content theft I have ever heard of.

If you see that a designer supports a cause or charity that you don't like - DON'T SHOP AT THEIR STORE. Simple!! Because when you pull a stupid stunt like this, it automatically makes your opinion worthless and hurts your argument since now you look like a nutcase.

So Lalinda doesn't like Autism Speaks. Fine. That is her opinion and although she may be passionate about it, it in NO WAY gives her the right to steal a dress and pass it around. I am just so astounded that someone could be so STUPID, it makes me angry!

There are many charity organizations and causes that I don't support. I don't support PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - although I do support People Eating Tasty Animals], but if I saw that a designer had a kiosk out collecting donations for PETA, I wouldn't run into their store, scream about how it's terrible, rip a dress or a skin or whatever, and pass it around just to be a moron. I wouldn't donate to their kiosk. I might not even shop there, depending on how passionate they were about PETA.

[And please no comments screaming how PETA is a wonderful organization. I've known too many PETA headcases and that has completely turned me off to the whole thing. You may as well ask me to become a Scientologist.]

There's no excuse for content theft - EVER. But I think what's really horrid is that Lalinda Lovell felt justified to do this because of her beliefs. She did not sit and talk to Laynie calmly about this. She did not try to defend her reasons behind her dislike of Autism Speaks in an intelligent way. She acted like a fool. Threatening to steal Laynie & Teagan's designs hurt her cause, and you know what she ended up doing? Raising MORE money for Autism Speaks since many people donated when they went out to pick up the Vanessa dress.

There are ways to do something and ways not to. Lalinda Lovell found the way NOT to do it.


Anonymous said...

The ironic thing is that Lalinda has unintentionally done a good thing for the Austism Speaks by attracting more attention to the charity, I heard donations to the kiosk at Laynie's store went through the roof yesterday.

Apparently Lalinda has Aspergers (a form of Autism) and uses this as an excuse for the fact that she owned the virtual child sex place which was all over the news last year. She must have innocently put child/adult sex balls all over the sim - I dunno!

Possibly she is is having a break from ageplay to cause havoc with store owners supporting charities she disagrees with in SL.

This is where I got the info from.

Alicia Chenaux said...

That REALLY bothers me when people use a medical condition as an excuse for being an idiot and doing what they want. Especially online where we don't actually know that this person has what they say they have.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say this, but I hate when people use the excuse that they may have Asperger's mainly because only 30% of all of those who are diagnosed for it actually have it according to speculation. So the rest who are diagnosed for it are either playing dumb, have something else entirely or just became stupid over time rather than be born with it. Which sickens me. The only time they should use that as an excuse is when it's proof, in front of everyone that you went to four or five doctors and they all checked and said that you have Asperger's and even then, it shouldn't be used as an excuse for this bullshit