Thursday, February 21, 2008

I should be insulted, right?

Ever have one of those "What the hell?" moments?

I was out at Primtionary and usually everyone is really nice, no one makes fun of you if you need to build at an easy level, or if your build looks crazy or anything like that. People are very nice and supportive, and that's part of the reason why I keep going back. But today this girl... I don't know if she was just in a Crankypants mood too, or she really is just a bitch, or what. The last build of the day, the builder chose medium. I always choose medium, just because that's pretty much my skill level. So this girl says that he couldn't even make it a good one for the last build.

What? He's comfortable with medium. Medium is what he wants to build at. Who cares if he can't build at the Impossible level like SOME people think they're so great at!

So me being in a Miss Crankypants mood as well, I speak up and say that I like the medium level because it's better for my small vocabulary. Because, c'mon, how many instances in my life do I honestly use the word "pupate" or "laudatory?" Not to mention the afternoon Primtionary games are more for the European time zones, and therefore not all of them are native English speakers.

So what does this girl say to me? She said, and I quote because I chat log, "Your limited lexicon is of little importance to me."

Well excuse me, bitch! Here's some lexicon for ya, you deplorable little know-it-all. How about you try being nice to people even if you think you're better than they are? Because you sure as hell are not any better than I am. Grrrrr!

I didn't say anything more. But you can bet I'll no longer greet this person, or even bother guessing when they go up to build. Her building time is now my IMing or get up for a drink time. And I am almost positive that I won't be showing up for any of the games she hosts. Oh, did I mention she's a Primtionary host? Nice attitude for one, huh?



Anonymous said...


Do you mind if I take advantage of your mood and introduce you to my Sim Owner tonight?

I'd like to see him give you a 57 minute count down LMAO.

In exchange I'll go to Primtionary ;>

M said...

*rawr* Who knew the kitten had such wicked claws! <3

Anyway, no you shouldn't feel insulted! People like that act the way they do because they're used to getting away with their obnoxious behavior. They should be confronted on their bad manners and bitch-slapped back into place anytime they have the temerity to laud their "superiority".

Also, people that need to remind others of their "superiority" do so because they aren't all that to begin with. The truly talented don't need to remind others. ;)

Ideas for the next time she spouts off:

1) Pipe up and say, "I don't recall anyone asking for your opinion on the matter." or "That was a totally uneccessary comment." or the more direct "Hey, guess what? No one asked what you think of their building skills!"
2) Mock her. (ie. "Wow! We are SO lucky to have someone as perceptive and knowledgeable as you in our session today! Do you give building lessons too?") And if she asks if you are mocking her, say yes.
3) Say your piece and then ignore her, beyond doing a simple emote (like a /me chuckles.) People like that want attention and the less you give them beyond the intial smackdown, the better.

Or if it's a Monday or Tuesday you can always drop me an IM and I'll do it. :D

Alicia Chenaux said...

Cen - LOL!! Yes! I am just LOOKING for someone to fight with, so it might as well be your horrible sim owner. Of course, in my mood, I'll probably get you guys evicted. LOL

Meara - I know, I'm kind of kicking myself now for not saying anything back, but at the time I was a little bit shocked because this girl has always been polite to me, so I'm not sure what her issue was today. Of course, I didn't want to really fight with her, because then I would have stooped as low as to talk about her skin and that's just not nice. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, number two, definitely. Don't forget, now.

Unknown said...

WOW! I am proud of you for not stooping to their level. And I am extra proud of you for standing up for the medium builders of the world! Heck - I have done easy level builds as final builds before.

(If it is a bad skin though, I know exactly who you are talking about...hee!) In all seriousness though, if a person in higher authority knew someone was being put down *by a host* because of their choice of building difficulty, the offender might find themselves looking for a new gig. I am just sayin'.

Calaya Criss said...

lol, Alicia at abranimations they sell this kick ass hting where if you bump into someone you start kickin their ass, blood flyin everywhere, nect time you can equip bump into her and tell her you forgot to remove it ;) might make you feel better anyway lmao. I put mine on when i'm afk and if anyone tries to push me into another sim i beat em up lmao

Calaya Criss said...

lol i made some bad typos =o sorry to post twice...rofl

Valryn Vandeverre said...

I would have said.... after a long pause...

'oh yeah... well.. that dress makes your ass look fat'

and huffed off! :)

--side note--

I'm so going to check out that hud.

Jeff said...

Host sounds like a dude to me. And a burnt out host, at that.

Next time the host has an attitude like that, invite me - you KNOW if I had the last build it would be 'easy'. :-P

Not sure which designer or store is selling those crankypants these days, but perhaps they should go the way of the glitch pants and be banned from SL... Just sayin'.