Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hey Ruth, be a model!

SL crashed on me when I logged in today, so I lost all the IMs of people asking me for the LM to the photostudio where I took the American Beauty picture. Sorry about that! Here you go: Ange's Free Photostudio [SLurl]. It'll take you to the landing point at the front door, and just teleport up to the studio using the big Teleport box. You can't miss it. :)

One thing has been bothering me recently, and I want to see if it bothers you all, too, or if I'm just exceptionally picky.

If you have a store and you use models for your product posters, doesn't it make sense that the avatar you're using be non-newbie in appearance? I have been to so many places where the models on the product posters look like they stepped off of Noob Island. I just kind of think it makes the product look somewhat cheaper when it's on Ruth. :-p

Not that I don't think there could and should be more diversity with SL "models." I don't read the fashion feeds often just because everything is blogged 50 times and I've probably seen it anyway from a FashCon notice. When I do manage to make it to one of the fashion feeds, like Fashion Planet, I sometimes have to wonder if it's just the same 3 girls out there modeling everything. Same skins, same hair, pretty much the same shapes. And it's not that the girls aren't pretty because they are, but I just wonder if someone handed them a note that said "Here. This is what you have to wear to be a model." Who knows. Maybe they all look the same so you don't look at the model, but at the product.

I think I'll go try to nap. I didn't sleep much last night.


Andria Meredith said...

It's not necessarily that a model is 'noobish' in and of itself that bothers me, but the quality of the picture and if they took the time to make the model look good generally makes me think better of the quality of the item they're selling. It's flawed logic, I know, but it's true. The shops that take pride in their creations and pay attention to detail tend to take more care in advertising them too.

Alicia Chenaux said...

I agree, Andria. I know that not everyone has photoshop skills, but if you are a clothing designer, there's a good chance you can put a nice poster together.