Friday, February 8, 2008

Coming up with a new title everytime is really hard.

You know what I love? Subscribe-O-Matics. I do. If I'm in a store, any store, and there's one, I click on it. No out of the blue IMs from someone just saying "hi" to a group of 300. No group space taken up. And the presents that just pop up, such as that lovely ballerina snowglobe I showed a while back. I'm in so many subscribe-o-matics, sometimes I don't know what store is sending me something. But I don't complain. :)

There's a big treasure hunt coming up starting tomorrow, I believe. I like hunts, but I kind of don't care for these huge travel-all-over-the-grid hunts. It's just a little TOO time consuming. And especially when you have to hop all over the grid and then the designers hide the gifts SO WELL that you end up not finding anything. Good grief, what fun is it if you end up pissed off and frustrated because you crashed 5 times trying to teleport and then the treasure box is no bigger than my pinky fingernail and hidden under a lucky chair that is behind 4 ficus trees and 7 boxes of junk? I'd rather just leave and then tell everyone I know how much of a horrible store that is. :-p Don't think I wouldn't do it either! And I realize some people enjoy the super hard hunts. I just don't think EVERYONE does, especially those with slower computers. The Gizland hunt was fun, because it wasn't TOO hard, but it wasn't so easy that I got bored. The hunt on Ohana Isle I went on once was fun too, because yes, it was island wide, but it wasn't crazy hard AND I got to pick up gifts from designers I didn't know about and find lucky chairs all over the place.

Do you think a skin maker would get mad if I asked her to fix the teeth on a skin? Not put in a whole new set of teeth, but just change the color.

Oh look at that. Valryn just put out a notice saying there's a free dress at Soulfire [SLurl]. Did you send it and run?? LOL

Looks like I know where my next stop is today. :)


Unknown said...

You wrote a wonderful essay - but I was so caught up in the title. is really hard to come up with a good title and half of the time I worry that only I get the joke. Like my post on Xcite! products that I titled 'Nice Shoe'? I think I am the only person in the entire world who got that joke. Sometimes, I like to do a "call back" to something I referenced somewhere in that post, so when people get to the end of a very oddly titled post they say "I get it now!" Also is one of my best friends. Or you could just title every post 'Alicia Ch'Knows [subject of the post]', i.e., Alicia Ch'Knows Subscrib-O-Matics!

P.S. Substance abuse helps also. :-P

Valryn Vandeverre said...

I did! I tell you the art is a well balanced thing.

First you have to be sure everything you have in the notice is up and working (IE I didn't forget to trigger the buy on the board or not put the right panties in whatever)

Ok so then, I have to write up the notice for my group (as i'm not yet posh enough to go with the subscribe-o-matic tho it is somewhere in my inventory.

SO of course being as I am kinda loyal to my group of .. groupies (ha) I will give them a head start of say.. two mins or so lol big jump I know.. but it all boils down to who is standing on your head at the end of the day. (rambling begins at this point)

So. ..

uh, Yeah I did, posted it and ran like a bitch... then turned back to watch.. sorta like lighting a BIG HUGE FIRECRACKER. light it and boogie! Then watch the bang!

And titles. There was a title? I'm notorious for being a very much jump in sorta girl (oh dear) often will begin converstions with people I dont even know by saying.

'So, I have a question' no greeting.. no small talk.. just jump in the deep end. :)

But I do that in RL too, pisses my best friend off, call her after a months silence and the first thing out of my mouth is...'you will not believe the shit so-and-so tried to pull' as if she knows what I'm talking about :)

btw. Random fact.

my word verification is : eoknobbk

which is oddly looking almost like a real word to me. but the best part is it has 'knob' in it so its made me giggle in immature glee

Valryn Vandeverre said...

wow.. sorry Alicia, I wrote a damn book!

word verification this time is trash
'dxieirj' can't even make a dirty word out of it..-sighs

Alicia Chenaux said...

Tymmerie - You know, I SHOULD do that. But I'd start to feel a little conceited putting my name in every title. Of course, it's my blog, and I can be as self-promoting as I want... LOL

Valryn - You crack me up. :) Write books in here anytime you want. I saw you sitting outside of the store earlier after the notice went out, but I wasn't going to run out there screaming "DESIGNER! DESIGNER!!!!" :)