Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Poll Results & Petals

I tried to go to bed early tonight, but I just couldn't sleep. So let's talk about the results of my poll! :)

The question was, "What do you want for your SL Valentine's Day?" Out of 34 votes - 1 wants songs to be dedicated to them, 2 want gift cards, 3 want money, 4 want pictures of your significant other, 5 want to go out dancing, 8 want something sweet built just for them, 8 hate Valentine's Day and want nothing, and 9 have no one to celebrate Valentine's Day with. No one wants lingerie, man-gerie, prim flowers & balloons, or pixelsex. Somehow I think some of you were lying with not choosing pixelsex. ;)

For those of you who don't have anyone to celebrate with, I invite you to come hang with me that night! I have to host an event that night, so you might as well come party with me. :)

New poll up. It's an easy one. :) We were talking about inventory sizes earlier, so I was just curious as to how much stuff everyone else is carting around. And please feel free to leave comments on how you control your inventory and keep your number manageable, or how you let it get so crazy.

Tonight I was looking around and I stumbled on this photo studio and there were a few different cubicles with different backgrounds and poseballs and stuff. Kind of cool. I absolutely couldn't resist taking a picture when I saw the American Beauty room. :) I did have to fix the picture in Photoshop, though. It was showing just a little more of my chest than you all need to see. :) I forgot to get the SLurl before I logged out, but if you're interested in going there to take your own pics, just IM me in world for a landmark.

I think it's bedtime. Minus the rose petals. :)

American Beauty


Anonymous said...

This pic remember me the film American Beauty.. good pic! Happy Valentine to you

Andria Meredith said...

Ahh, I finally got my computer to cooperate (though how, is a mystery)! For some reason, it didn't want to show me any of your posts more recent than the 7th. Which is why I've been relatively silent.

ANYWAY, back to what I was saying...Oooh, gorgeous picture. <3
And what time is your V-day event going to be? I might drop by and say hi if I'm on (although I have a wedding that day...my RL friends have been bitten by the wedding bug this year. ^^;;).