Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rockin' the Valentine's Day

V-Day is over, and I'm quite happy about it. I don't MIND the day, but it is of course a lot more enjoyable if you have an official valentine. :) BUT, I treated myself very well earlier, as I mentioned before, and the best part about it? Because of the tips I picked up DJing tonight, it was all paid for - and then some! :) Yes yes, I killed another DJ. :-p This one said he has the flu. I guess I can accept that excuse, but I do admit that I was already set up to take the stream if I needed to. Good thing, since I needed to! It was a great event, everyone seemed to really enjoy the music, and of course it was very very profitable for me. Sidonie even came out for it, and so I got to meet her Mr. Coolname at last. :)

After the event, I hit up the 7 Deadly Prims closing sale, but I didn't really find anything I wanted. I bought a pair of glasses, but they don't look very good on my face. I may see if I can edit them, but they're no copy, since they're transferrable, and I'd hate to screw them totally up when I could just give them to someone.

I had fun tonight, though, and I desperately needed it. Huge huge thanks to those of you who have asked me how I'm doing, sat and listened to me talk, or just distracted me and made me laugh. I appreciate it more than I could ever express in words.

You know, I hate to say it, but I think another reason I'm glad V-Day is over is because the massive amount of gifts we've been given lately will die off a bit. Not that I'm not grateful for all the gifts that have come through!! I definitely am! But it will be nice to be able to sort through what I've gotten, actually WEAR it, check out the stores I've picked things up at more closely, and possibly pack away anything that I will not be able to wear again until next February. Ok, I just made myself laugh with that "pack away" part.

I'm exhausted and I have quite a bit to do before tomorrow evening, so I think it's bedtime.


Anonymous said...

Hello Valentine :)

Sorry I couldn't come by the club last night. I... um... well.. you know.

Anyway I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better and had a good night, even with the still active DJ curse.

I agree that I"m looking forward to a small break. I have a feeling we'll be Easter Egg hunting before we know it and must get this inventory sorted before then.


Sidonie said...

Heh, before Easter there's always Shamrock hunting.

We both had a blast last night :)