Friday, February 1, 2008

We Want Options!

After a pretty much not great night, I'm feeling tons better today. Yay!

I realized that there are people on my friends list that I haven't talked to in a while, even though they were really nice to me when I was first starting out. I really need to make the effort to at least say hello once in a while. I am really bad about messaging people first, though. There are actually very few people that I will IM first just to say hello.

Cen brought this topic up to me a couple of days ago and I've been thinking about it. Permissions on items. With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, there will be a lot of people running around trying to find gifts. I realize that it's easy to go to SLX or OnRez and send something as a gift, but what if you find something you want to buy that isn't on those sites? How do you go about giving a gift when it's not transferable?

I understand that sometimes people make whole outfits and need things to be copyable so they can put in different folders. And prim pieces should probably be copyable in case you need to adjust them. And most designers definitely don't want to put full permissions on their items because that leads to stealing. But why can't you have the OPTION of gifting?

When I went to purchase my eyes from Miriel, from the vendor I was able to choose what I wanted my eyes to be - copy or transfer. I chose the transfer option because I don't make outfits and if at some point I find eyes I like better or I change my whole look or something, it would be nice to know that I can give someone these lovely eyes.

Another store that does this right is Hexed, one of my most favorite stores to break my $5L budget in. [Was that even grammatically correct?]

Hexed Boots

When I went looking for good boots to purchase, I ended up getting 2 pairs from here. A big reason for this? The demos! But check it out. There are options! This is so good! Designer Kya Eliot even gives you the option of doing this with most of her clothing.

Yay for options!

I've never met her, but I'm guessing she's pretty cool because she gives the option for this. :)

Options. Such a good thing. :)

Oh, and check it out. I got a lucky chair outfit at Hexed.

And yay for lucky chairs!

Love lucky chairs. lol

I'm kind of sleepy still, so I think I'm going to go take a tiny nap.


Anonymous said...

Awww, yay, finally feeling all better from last night's pizza binge? LOL Let me see if I can recall how many slices you shared with other peoples... hmmm... nope, none coming to mind. ;-)

I think it's cool you highlighted specific stores that offer the option of Mod/Copy or Copy/Transfer. I think if I were a fashion blogger (ha!) I'd just narrow down my reviews to only the cool stores/creators which had that option on their products. I can't tell you the number of times I've been tp'd into a lucky chair only to find out that blue bikini or red ball gown wasn't transferrable after all. :-(

So weird, though, all the talk about freebies and lucky chair stuff - I've only picked up a few male freebies or gifts in my time and can I just say there is a reason for that? I can count on two fingers the number of freebies I found even remotely worth keeping. And even those probably don't get worn. Must be a whole different world for you women folk. ;-)

Cool that you won a referee's uniform just in time for Super Bowl weekend. All you need is a whistle now. :-)

Alicia Chenaux said...

Well, see, I WOULD have shared with you, but you'd already gone to bed by the time I ate. So if you hadn't gone to bed, I would have shared, and then I wouldn't have eaten so much, and wouldn't have been feeling icky. :)

Yes, there are hardly ANY good freebies/dollarbies for men out there and that makes me sad. I might have to start a protest march or a sit-in or something until designers begin giving you all nice things too.

Super Bowl is this weekend?

Anonymous said...

The other day we were buying outfits from Avilion Mist and after paying we were given the option of choosing it as a gift or for ourselves. I'd never seen that before.

According to what I read, if you chose "gift" you get a voucher that you can give to someone. They can then redeem the voucher for the item you paid for.

I like this idea better than gift certificates because the person knows which item you chose for them. At least I think that's how it works. I may have to buy someone a gift to test it out.

TheDiva Rockin said...

If a designer doesn't offer their content on SLX or OnRez, you can always suggest it to them!

I think giftcards, even vouchers are a pain as you have to contact the seller and let them know what you want, then wait. I have no patience for that.