Thursday, February 7, 2008

Talking about nothing while I'm eating chips.

What's the deal with SL "mafia" families? Is it fun, or is it just an excuse to be an asshole with other assholes backing you up? Just wondering. And maybe it's not all like that, but just the ones I've encountered have been total jerks.

I'm hosting a Good vs Evil event tonight, so if anyone wants to come and hang out, just IM me after 7. :)

Since Valryn brought it to my attention that people are actually listening to my playlist, I went and deleted the dead songs and added a few more in. I'm so excited to find "Five String Serenade" on Project Playlist! It's one of my favorite songs and reminds me of a dear RL friend of mine who has been going through a rough time for...well, years, but I know one day will be good for her.

Sidonie and I were talking yesterday and she was in a store where the owner was standing there, but totally ignored her. Now I understand that designers might be working on something in Photoshop or they got up or whatever, BUT - if you send out a notice, especially for a free item, you better move to an undisclosed location or put a title on that says "I'm Not Here" because the moment a free notice goes out, people are going to show up. And in my opinion, it's exceptionally rude to be standing there at the landing point and ignoring everyone.

So, check it out. My first poll is over there on the side. Answer it, please. :)

I think I'll be evil tonight. You know, for the event, not just evil in general.


Valryn Vandeverre said...

Ok, so I voted on this one. K here is why I said I'd shop there.

Cuz sometimes, things just get in the way. Most of the time tho if I drop a freebie down and put a notice in about it, I run. Like for real. Watching from afar can be fun. Being trampled and elbowed in the eye by a small, mean looking chick with tattoos and prim titties = not fun

But if I'm in the shop, and people are in .. hell no I'm not gonna ignore them, even if I'm putting stuff out or just whatever, I'll say hi and greet n stuff.

The only exception being if I'm not at the keyboard or I'm in Photoshop. Tho often I try to do my work in the workshop to avoid such misunderstandings as me standing with my head slumped to my chest like I'm admiring my own rack! (not good for business either)

..... .. I'm rambling now hu? sheesh.


Alicia Chenaux said...

What, you don't like to stand around checking out your rack? That's my favorite activity. Uh, my rack. Not yours. LOL

And yeah, I get that things come up. I think what gets me more is the ignoring when a notice has JUST been sent out. You know good and well you say "free" and 10 seconds later, 5 people are standing on top of each others' heads. But you did just make me laugh saying you send a notice and run. I soooo would do that too!

Anonymous said...

A poll !! Yessss!! I hope I answered correctly - I've been practicing.

I can say the few times I've been shopping, it seems rare to me to find the actual owner or creator standing there. That would be pretty cool, even if they completely ignored me, just like all of the customers already do.

Alicia Chenaux said...

You really don't run into designers? That's just odd. I see them all the time in stores. Of course, I don't know how many tree designers just hang out... ;)

Anonymous said...

Gimmeeee some chips..pluheeze *G*