Monday, February 25, 2008

Those shoes aren't UGGS...They're just UGH!

[The original first part of this post has been taken out because the offender may/may not be reading this blog.]

And I really don't want to be known as that blogger who hates everyone's clothes. I don't. But sometimes I just have to say something for the good of SL fashion.

I worked some tonight on some textures. My mint chocolate couch has now become a Mint Chocoflowers couch because I had a paintshop brush that I liked. And I got my first poster done for my Photography Belt.

Aww, my first poster. lol

It's not fancy, but I'm proud of it. :-p I thought I was going to have to be out for the morning and most of the afternoon tomorrow, but my plans changed, so I have all day to work on retexturing the Mint pieces, and getting the bedroom sets photographed. I'm not going to add poseballs to anything, but I'm thinking that I'll put some together and add to the boxes. That way there's a way to lay down, but no one is forced to use them. Hmm... If I add no copy animations to copyable poseballs...wait. No copy animations to copyable & transferable poseballs - can that work? It is WAY too late in the night to think about that.

Oh, and of course in the middle of all of this, I hopped over to pick up a free outfit. It's so showgirl. It's a peacock outfit!

Peep Show

Alicia's Tip Of The Day: Please stop wearing those white strappy shoes with your black outfits. PLEASE!


Sidonie said...

IF you add no copy anything to anything else, the item will be no copy.

You will need to either buy some full perm pose balls or find some. I have some full perm poses and the scripts to make poses if you would like some.

Unknown said...

Bravo on your post title!!! SO cute! I do not get white shoes with black clothing...My head hurts thinking about it, too. Your poster is co adorable!!! Your shop is going to be so popular!

I have ideas for two more belts - run with them if you like! A modeling belt - with makeup, pink plastic curlers, false eyelashes, etc. and of course...A BLOGGER belt!! With brain food, pencils and pens and big erasers, a camera, a little pouch to keep good ideas, a tiny trashcan for bad ideas, etc. Make it with something linked, like a chain (links - get it? the lifeblood of bloggers). Anyhoo - I am excited to visit your store!!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Sid - I have some full perm poseballs, but it's the animations that I wanted to use that are no copy. I do have a huge box of full perm animations, but going through them to find the non-crappy cuddles is going to be a pain in my butt. LOL

Tym - I love those belt ideas! A blogger belt was definitely one I wanted to try, but I couldn't think of what to put on one. But now my brain is overflowing with ideas. :)

Unknown said...

Don't forget to add a little flask of alcohol and/or a coffee cup to the blogger one! :-P

Anonymous said...

Are you topless in those posters?

Alicia Chenaux said...

I told you that's how I was going to get more sales.

:-p No, I was wearing that little sweater I was wearing last night when I saw you guys.


Taille's Tales said...

Since the advent of sculpties, I am loathe to allow anything else near my pixellated feet. However, it would seem that some people are either blind or stoopid cos those ho shoes all look the same. In a word, VILE!