Saturday, February 9, 2008

Heeeeeere giftie giftie giftie...

I have a headache and my allergies are acting up, so please accept my apology in advance for any bitchiness that may occur during this post.

I've been hitting up that huge treasure hunt tonight. I can't tp as much as I'd like, since I seem to be able to tp maybe twice easily, and after that, it's a struggle until I crash. So instead of going in order, I've just been hitting the stores that I like first.

Imagine my surprise when I found out some designers are really being mean about this hunt. Example:

[Background has been blurred to protect the store, but that's the only edit.]

Hmm, where's the gift?

Do you see the gift? Me either. But I love camming all over the place, when SL allows me to do so without crashing, so I was doing all kinds of angles when....

Are you kidding me?

Yes. That is the gift. In a tiny box, embedded IN the step.

Why?? What is the purpose? People are lagging and crashing all over SL and you expect everyone to be camming all over the place to find something IN A STEP?! I do like that store, and I think the items there are wonderful, but this left a completely bad taste in my mouth.

But, big big kudos and waves and publicity for the few stores I went to that had lovely gifts and weren't so hard to find! Reaction, Layniewear, Topaz Square, PajamaRama, She's So Unusual, Persona, Twisted Rose, and Ingenue. Your generosity and great sportsmanship is much much appreciated!!! :) [I haven't been to all the stores yet.]

I've heard other random things too. Stores so big that people get overwhelmed right away and leave. Treasures that take an hour to find. Treasures that are too hard to find at all. Treasures that look like the designer was working on an item and didn't really like it, so they just stuck it in the box. That's so not cool.

Oh, and just so you all know, Textures R Us is NOT participating in the hunt. Somehow the store got on the list. No wonder people couldn't find the gift! LOL

I want for the next huge hunt to be a real scavenger hunt. I want riddles to answer to get to the next place and everything. Maybe we can sign up and work in teams and the team to make it all the way through first gets some really awesome prize.

Maybe I'll try to go to a store... I've been sitting on my posestand for about an hour. lol

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Adelia Menges said...

I saw that gift in the step as well, really really ticked me off, I didn't even buy the thing. There were a few others like that that I refused to buy as well, therefore I can happily forget that store exists and never shop there, since I don't have their landmarks cluttering my inventory.

Hints and riddles would have been so nice, spending atleast an hour trying to find if they only had one gift or too was a struggle. I loved the stores that told you how many gifts they had.