Wednesday, February 27, 2008


For some reason, I cannot seem to go to sleep without a post to finish the night. I think I have a sickness. :-p

I reeeeeally didn't get a lot accomplished in the shop today. I'm beginning to rethink my posters. See, the sim where my shop is located has the urban grunge feel to it. In fact, there's a sign right outside my door that talks about government cheese - something that cracked me up to the point of not being able to speak. But of course, I was tired at the time, so who knows. But I did get stuff done outside of the main portion of the store. Cen had this great idea a few weeks ago, and it involves a lot of shopping. :) Tonight we shopped and shopped until we got lag and had to relog. And then we spent a couple of hours putting things together. We're still not done, but when we are, it's going to be pretty cool. At least to us. :-p But it really was tons of fun.

The main question I've been asked lately [aside from "When are you opening?"] is "Are you going to do belts for men?" Yes, yes I am. I'd gather that several of my belts are going to be unisex, but some are specifically for women. I do plan on doing some for you men, too, but I need your help. What are you looking for on belts? And don't say guns & knives. I could probably do a knife, but I don't think building a gun is in my skill level right now. So let me know what you'd like to see and I'll let you know if I can make it. :)

I'm DJing Wednesday night if anyone feels like coming out to play. It's a Cowboys & Indians event. OMG Cen, I can be a cowgirl, huh?? LOL But I won't be playing any country music [unless I can sneak it in] because I think my boss man would throw down and stomp me under his huge boot. I'm also DJing a "Prom Night" event on Sunday evening. How cute is that? I'll have to find a really great dress.

I'm just yawning up a storm here. Oh! A few people have asked me how Mr. Kitty is doing. He's recovering nicely. Unfortunately his little body didn't agree with the antibiotics very well, so he's been recovering from that more than from his arm. My poor little guy lost weight and he's still not 100%. But he's getting better, so I'm happy.

I am SO ready for bed now.


Anonymous said...

The proper pronunciation is "gument cheese".

Unknown said...

OMG! I knew it you are addicted to posting!! What an adorable addiction!

For men, may another unisex belt: builders belt...with a little metric ruler, map to sandboxes, a calculator, little examples of basic prim shapes, a pocket for textures, some Advil, a Sharpie to label things something other than 'Object' and a hankie for wiping sweat off of one's brow! (You could even add a little timer and dictionary and make a Primtionary belt.)

And hey what about a Bad Boy belt? (I am trying to think what would go on a bad boy belt...hmmmmmmmm.)

Alicia Chenaux said...

Eidolon - LOL!!! I'll have to keep that in mind when I'm pointing the sign out at my shop. :)

Tymmerie - I am addicted. Is there a group for people like me? Probably not. I'm sure I'd be the only one in it. LOL

I like the builders belt idea. I think I could work that one up for sure. And Cen & I were talking about the bad boy belt last night. I'm sure it would look a great deal like the bad girl belt, only with a flask instead of mouthwash and hopefully no lipstick in the back pouch. :)