Thursday, February 14, 2008


Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch wrote a really great blog post that I liked. Going along with what I was saying the other day about using newbies in the product posters, and Andria's comment that designers who don't take the time to make their posters look good, Ivey found some BIAB stuff, put it together, and suddenly it looks awesome on her posters. It's a good post, so go look at it and check out what she did.

Since I don't have an official Valentine this year, I've been treating myself since last night. I've bought stuff from Hexed, Shiny Things, Celestial Studios, LaLa FooFoo, Catnip, and probably other places that I can't remember in between all the gifts that the designers have been bestowing upon us. I even went and replaced one of my AO poses with a nice one from Maitreya so my torso would quit stretching so strangely. They have great poses, although not all of them are everyday poses. Of course, when they say "Runway" right on them, you don't expect an everyday pose.

If you're interested in doing something tonight, remember that I'm hosting a Best In Red contest at 7pm SL time. Just IM me in world if you want to come out. I haven't decided yet if we're due a big crowd because people want to forget Valentine's Day, or a small one because people are with their significant others. I guess we'll see.

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