Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine's Day Goodies

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, designers have been giving out lots of goodies for us. Since I know a lot of us don't have a valentine, getting gifts is almost the next best thing. :) I stood around yesterday trying on some of my new things. And I'm even going to try giving you guys SLurls. :-p

Valentine's Day - Twin hoodies

Twin hoodies! No, I didn't get another twin, it's just me. :) These hoodies came from Winter Moon [SLurl]. I believe the pink one may still be in the store. The black one, the anti-valentine, was a group gift. These were one of the first valentine's gifts to go out that I got, so forgive me for not knowing all the details anymore. :) If I'm in the black one, I'm in a "love stinks" mood. ;)

Valentine's Day - Red w/hearts

This little goodie came from the store Lavish Style [SLurl]. I didn't know what it looked like until I got it on. But it's cute! Not sure if it's something I'd wear OUT, since I don't normally show a ton of skin, but it is cute. I paired it up with the Dark Valentine shoes I got on FashCon Day and I have NO idea where they're from because there is no landmark in the folder. But they do have 2 options: regular shoes and shoes that leave a trail of heartshaped footprints behind. I'm also wearing a really pretty 3-hearts necklace that is a freebie this week from The Body Politik [SLurl] and $1L hair from Truth [SLurl].

Valentine's Day - Sirena V-Day Dress

This outfit now makes me laugh, because I had just put it on when I got a notice about a region restart. Someone was kind enough to save me, but then I had to put another outfit on since apparently this looks like nightclothes and he couldn't look at me. :-p Anyway, this is the Valentine's outfit from Sirena [SLurl]. It comes with the matching shoes, which is always a good deal. I don't care for where the prims attach to, but you might not mind. I'm wearing it with heart earrings from Pop Feel [SLurl] [not to be confused with Popfuzz] that matches The Body Politik necklace perfectly, and Beck's [SLurl] Sweethearts ring in platinum, which was a dollarbie or a freebie, I can't remember which, and comes with a matching one for your sweetheart.

Valentine's Day - Long pink dress

Good god, how do fashion bloggers do it? lol This LAST dress is from Affame [SLurl]. The only problem I had with this dress is that the flexi of the prims has some kind of weird lean to it. I think maybe it can be fixed, but I didn't feel like messing with it. I'm also wearing my favorite Valentine's find, the Love Letter locket from Coquette [SLurl]. The locket is so neat because you can drop in two pictures and then when you click on it, it opens and closes.

There's sooooooooo many other gifts out there right now for Valentine's Day so just look around and hit up all the fashion type blogs. I'm sure you'll run into tons of things to feed your pink & hearts fancy.

[I was playing Primtionary while writing this post. I won twice!]

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