Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hey Ali, how's that $5L project going?

Well... LOL

I was going over my transaction history for the past month and most days I do ok, but sales have been my weakness. I've "invested" a lot. :-p

The main problem that I see are the $1L demos. I'm a freak about demos. I just HAVE to try things on whenever I can. But well, when there are 10 hairs I want to try and they each cost $1L, that's 2 days of my self-imposed budget. So please please please - make free demos! Especially if you're a huge top selling shop. Look, all I'm saying is that if you're selling your hair for $300L and your skins for $3000L, and people are buying them, what's the purpose of the $1L demo?

I'm starting to think I need a new project. The $5L a day project was great and I really did have fun, but I proved my point within the first few weeks. You CAN do it, you CAN look absolutely stunning, you CAN have a ton of fun and not spend hardly anything at all. I discovered great places, met super nice people, and developed skills that I may not have if I hadn't done this.

I don't want to go crazy and become some top label fashionista. That's not me and it never will be me. I enjoy being one of the "freebie obsessed." I don't really think that my spending habits as they are right now will change. But now what? I want a project. What do you guys think? Any suggestions for the next phase in my SL? I'd be very interested to hear your ideas. :)


Unknown said...

OOOOO!!! I love this challenge! How about after living frugally, you now turn your attention to making the money. You can explore different ways of making money in SL - contests, games, camping, other jobs (besides your hosting, of course), making and selling things, etc.

Or you open up your kitty hair accessory shop and blog about that. :-P Or you adopt a dozen or so prim babies and raise them to adulthood. Or you follow the plot of one of my favorite movies and go on 20 SL dates in an attempt to find true SLove.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Well, you know, I'd love to do the 20 dates thing, but considering my track record with men in the past couple of months, I have a feeling I'd have a hard time finding 20 men who would want to go on a date with me, knowing that I was going to talk about the date on my blog. Oh heck, I'd probably have a hard time finding 20 men who would want to go out with me even if I weren't blogging. LOL

Calaya Criss said...

lol i'd love to see the dozen babies thing! Would be so funny to see you pop into a store with a single file line behind you, lmao! Anyway starting a shop would be fun! Or hmmmmmmm......20 men lol...OH! you can do like a bachelorette thing?! heheheh ^^!

Sidonie said...

open a store, I like that, - but open up for stuff you make and sell it cheap. Everything's 5l or something ;)

Anonymous said...

You probably did better than you think on your 5L challenge as I know some days you didn't spend anything, so it balanced out.

The challenge could be to survive in SL without purchasing L. This is very possible, especially if you have a job and hit a few events. With all the sales and hunts and gifts it's easy to look great and have fun on a few hundred a week (not including rent).

I do agree it's the little things that add up and blow my personal freebie challenge days, demos kill me and also snapshots, some nights I'll blow over 100L just taking funny snapshots.

But I still find it very satisfying to go a week or more barely spending anything then when I see that 400L pair of boots or 350L dance (I love SineWave) you feel absolutely giddy spending the money.