Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shake it like a polaroid picture!

So RL stress has gotten the better of me and I feel totally sick today. To combat it, and get my mind off things, I decided to finally open up the polaroid frames that I had downloaded ages ago. Using a picture from a store I stumbled into last night, I think it came out kind of cute.

Playing with Polaroids

I had the bottom layer originally on a purple background, so that's why the bottom photo has the light edge of purple. But all in all, I like it. I know there's a way to make polaroid frames in photoshop myself, but why bother when someone has been nice enough to offer frames?

This is the site where you can download the frame zip file. It is just one frame. You can get the double photo appearance such as I did by duplicating the layer and rotating.


Anonymous said...

I love photo effects like that!! And a nice homage to the Polaroid® pictures, which will sadly soon be a thing of the past. :-( Guess it's up to you to keep those memories alive!

(Great, now you have that song stuck in my head, argh!)

Alicia Chenaux said...

I love Polaroids and I wish I still had my old camera. Shaking the pictures was the best part. LOL