Monday, February 11, 2008

Celestial Studios!

If you're not part of the Celestial City Update Group, you better get in it. :) Starley Thereian is giving a gift to the group every day this week until the 15th. Check out the absolutely gorgeous gift I got today!

Celestial Studios Bag - Gift

This is so cute! You get both the hand and the shoulder bag, and the option of using the posed bag or the unposed, in case you have your own purse animations.

Thanks Starley!


Anonymous said...

Love the bag!

But this is my chance to bring up the question I've been asking people since my first day in SL... why don't more women carry purses and bags? It's rare to see a woman in RL without one.

Several men I asked thought they knew the answer "Because you carry everything in your inventory you don't need a purse in SL".

Well I don't really need shoes in SL either but I wouldn't go out without those. And shades? Certainly not necessary but you see them everywhere.

Handbags are not just practical, they can complete an outfit and make a statement, so why is it so rare to see SL women with them?

Maybe there is some deep meaning here... we're all free of baggage in SL...

I know I rarely carry a purse in SL? Do you Ali?

Alicia Chenaux said...

I don't often carry a purse in SL just because I haven't found that many in SL that I like or that match my outfits. Of course, the more I think about that, the more I laugh since in the real world, I have one "everyday" bag that I carry no matter what I'm wearing, and then other "going out" bags.

I think I may need to take a survey on this. :)

Violeta said...

I know what you mean. I only recently started carrying a purse my standard is the DB designs freebie bag. I believe its a demo but its so well made it looks like it is just a designer branded bag. There are a few other bags in my inventory but I will likely be deleting them soon as they are all handbags. My ao's tend to not work well with hand bags. Another thing is if one has xcite shoulders a purse wouldn't do at all.