Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Multitasking! :)

12 hours of sleep and a big ol' cup of caffeine, and I'm back to myself again!! Woo!

I'm actually in the middle of playing Primtionary right now [I made Etherian come out to play too. Haha, I'm bossy! LOL Oh, and I got to meet one of my readers! Hi Zillion!] but I can do two things at once. :)

A couple of nights ago, I went out to the store Free 4 U [SLurl] which is out at the MIA sim. It's a big building and has a bunch of stuff. It's not, of course, super high quality stuff. But it's fab if you need some stuff to just decorate. Like these books and magazines!


The best part is that there are cuddle rugs and furniture. Now the stuff itself isn't that wonderful really. BUT! You can usually rip it apart and steal the animations, which is exactly what I did. :) So now I have great couples sits and lays. The animations are no copy, but of course you can get a whole bunch of these things, since they're free, and then you'll have the animations.

Cuddle Rug

There is also clothing out there. I picked up some feather silks just for a laugh, and a pack of simple sweatpants & jackets that I just love because they're totally basic.

The MIA sim is actually pretty fun. Where I was at was this cool boardwalk, complete with games and places to sit and everything.

MIA Boardwalk

I was super excited because... Skeeball! OMG SKEEBALL! LOL This is, besides for pinball, my #1 game whenever I go to arcades or carnivals in the real world.

This IS how I play!

What? That really is how I play. Is this not right?

Speaking of games, I have now found a new favorite timewaster in SL. Zyngo!

My new timewaster

This is legal since it's freeplay. I love this game! It requires almost no skill, which is great for me. LOL I think I played about 20 times before Primtionary.

Primtionary is over and I think we're going dancing, so I'm off!

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