Tuesday, June 10, 2008

911! Help!

I'd like to report a crime.

I came home about 10 minutes ago and waited for everything to rez in. And waited. And waited. But something was missing. So I relogged. And relogged again. Annnnd relogged AGAIN. Nothing.


Someone came in and stole our fireplace! Logs and all!

I'm telling you. This is the perfect random end to the perfect random night. LOL

Cen wrote about most of our night and our first meeting with new blogger Oz Axelrad over on her blog. But she didn't add picture of how we were looking right before poor unsuspecting Oz tp'ed us over to his airship.


See what happens when you hate your clothes? You end up as Kenny and some weird ass orange cat. But Oz was a real sport about us showing up like that. Cen and I make a great first impression on people. Especially when we immediately make ourselves at home and have total gigglefits because my avatar was embedded in hers. This proved to be quite useful later when SL messed up and left me squashed and bald and ugly.

There is a reason why people never invite Cen and me anywhere.

So speaking of Cen...her birthday is today! [Today being Tuesday.] But since she will be going out for her birthday in the real world, the hump day party on Wednesday is her birthday party!! She keeps saying she doesn't want it to be all about her birthday. :-p But we'd love to see ALL of you there for the party!! We're going to be in the Rave Ball again at the birthday girl's request. :) The party is a Pajamas & Boxers party, because we like men in boxers. LOL But if you don't want to dress in PJs or boxers, just come up and party with us anyway! You never have to dress in the theme, we just want to see ya there. :) I'll be the DJ, of course, and I do take requests. But the birthday girl gets her requests filled first. ;)

If you're looking for the Tuesday topic, scroll down a post and it's there. I had posted it early in the evening. :)

I'm off to bed. I've been reading on Snow Crash again and I think it might be getting good.


CeN said...

Oh yah, we're HOT!

Sehra Kauffman said...

that fireplace theft is insane! who could have nabbed it? i mean, don't you have a skybox? they would need to be highly motivated.....

and lame....

Aimee said...

Hump day sounds fun! I'll have to come by sometime!