Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Night :)

Thank you all so much for your comments to my last post. :) I am still freakin' smiling!!

To answer questions... We're not having a ceremony. I would not say no to a reception or something, but we didn't really talk about that. And no, I'm not knocked up with a prim baby! LOL!!

Cen says that the whole thing was very ME - just random and fun. To illustrate, let me show you how my night went last night.

First, I went to a meeting in Gamilia. After that, we ran off to party because that's just what you have to do, I think. :) Plus I was already giggling because Calista had teleported in on the Queen's head before the start of the meeting. LOL!!

Partying in Gamilia

I ran off to the pit to hang out with Cen and then Dyami logged in. So we went back to look at my hole [gigglefits] and we were trying to decide to fish when Levi logged in. Well, this made us happy as anything because it's rare that the 4 of us are logged in together and it's not a Wednesday. Then Aisuru came over to join us [and she seriously has patience because we're all a bit silly] and then we decided to fight.

One lyric comes to mind for this picture... "2 trailer park girls go 'round the outside."


But of course, someone could get seriously hurt on land like that. So Cen and I wasted no time stripping down to bikinis so we could jump in the water. Plus you know how much we love the shirtless men. ;)

Water fight!

You can see more pics of the fight on Levi's Snapzilla. :) He takes much better pictures of me than I take of myself. :)

So after all the fighting and giggling, and after we helped Cen reposition the mud wrestling poses, we were standing around talking and out of the blue... he asks me to be his partner. [insert huge grin here] Immediately I IM Cen with what just happened, and she grabbed Dyami and ran off so Levi and I could alone. :)

Right after the partnering, we headed off to Midnight Reflections.

Right after :)

But unfortunately it was laggy there, and the positioning of the poseballs was completely off, so we went home where we could be alone and with our own things. :)

All in all, last night is not a night that I will forget, that's for sure.

[Although...I do wish I'd been wearing better shoes than flip flops. LOL!]


Bettye Dugan said...

*sighs happily* That'a all romantic and stuff! Even if it was out of the blue, and you were wearing flip-flops. *grins*

CeN said...

LOL Poor Dyami when I said "Let's go home now I'll explain later" LOL

I was just so excited !!!

It was totally you, random, silly, out of the blue, unplanned, perfect!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm a new visitor to your blog and just wanted to wish you well.