Friday, June 20, 2008

And she flitters, and she flutters...

So it's official. I am a fae of the land of Gamilia.

Flying Fae

That's King Creag and me flying around the mushrooms outside of the fae cave. It's fun! And there's a circle dance around the bonfire, which is awesome. I also got to meet the King & Queen of Gamilia, and a couple of others. And in this world, prim food has a purpose because of the Spellfire thingy we have to wear. We actually get hungry! I totally love that for some reason. Creag showed me around the sim, and we even went to visit Heaven, where the angels will hang out, and where you go when you "die." It was pretty, but I never want to die to go back up there. LOL Watch. I'm gonna starve to death or something and land myself up there.

But being a fae is not a 24/7 thing for me, as some of you have asked. It's just an extra something fun for me to do. I know, I have so many things I do already. :) But there are downtimes for me too, when I don't feel like building, or when Levi isn't online with me, or when I don't feel like entertaining people at the pit when I happen to just be sitting there. This is just one more thing I get to do in SL. :)

Speaking of things I get to do in SL, I have an outfit to show you guys, and I have a few things I need to get done, like finally putting pics in the pit parties Flickr! But I'm also ready for lunch, so that will come later.

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CeN said...

That's so awesome Ali, it's going to be great to have an escape in SL. That sounds strange I know LOL.