Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ugh! Bad bad bad day! The electricity went off earlier today while I was hanging out in Creag's fae cave and it was this big drama mess and it JUST NOW [like, 20 minutes ago] got turned back on. The house was so hot, I'm all worried about spoiled food, and Mr. Kitty is very unhappy! Well, he's sleeping. But I know if he were awake, he would tell me that he was very unhappy!

But, the house is cooling off, we have water again [ok, so technically the water was always there, but I use the filter thingy on the fridge, which of course was not working], and I can go take a shower and wash this tanning lotion off of me.

Because that's what I did once I went out to lunch and shopping. I worked on my tan. How 90210 am I? :-p

And PARTY tonight!! WOOT!

EDIT: Add this to my shitty day. Because my computer shut down without warning, I lost all the history in my browser. Now I have to go back and RETYPE all my favorite sites???


CeN said...

You know LMAO I'm hovering in the sky above the pit staring again at our neighbour and thinking "Now there is a location for a fetish party" LMAO although I know we can't stream there and I'm not particularly interested in going over there the thought did pop into my head LOL

Anonymous said...

It looks like you're having one of those days when things keep coming at you one after the other...
I hope your day will start to get better starting right now =)

And there's nothing like a party to end the day with a blast =D