Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BBBC Topic for Wednesday!

The BBBC is winding down, you guys! Just 3 more days left! If you still want in on the fun, start posting! :) 3 days of posts are better than no days of posts.

Here's the topic for Wednesday:

SL Bloggers - Do you think it would be fun if we had random weather hit us in SL, like thunderstorms or blizzards?

RL Bloggers - Have you ever been in a harsh weather situation, like a hurricane? How did you deal with it?

Remember, you don't have to use the topics. They're just there if you can't think of anything to talk about. :)


Anonymous said...

omg we're already down to talking about the weather? we're boring you!!! omgwtfbbq!


Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL!! Not at all! But I was digging in my inventory and found an umbrella. And I thought "Why do I have this? It never rains." Then I started thinking about the weather and how cool it would be if sometimes it just...changed. :)

Sai Pennell said...

ooo! This is going to be a fun one to answer ^_^

Though, I am loving these questions and this challenge in general :D

/me wishes there would be more blogger challenges like this. XD

Shrutters said...

Ooo, the lazy sod in me finally took up the challenge ! Woot !