Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Private dancer, dancing for the funny...

So let me giggle for a second because Levi did something so cute tonight, I HAVE to write about it. :) Sorry baby. If you hate the entry, just tell me to take it down.

I kept him up really late on our twomonthseversary. It was after 4am his time when he went to bed and I know he had to get up early for work. Tonight he logged in and unfortunately for him, I can be pretty tiring. Not just in THAT way, you pervs. I talk a lot and quickly and that can wear a person out. We're standing in our skybox talking and I'm changing clothes every 2 minutes and before I know it, he's not talking anymore. So I wait. And wait. And wait a little more.

Sure enough, my poor man is so tired, he's fallen asleep on me. It was SO CUTE!! And not only had he fallen asleep, he had fallen asleep while his camera was still focused on me, so everytime I moved, his head moved. Even cuter!!

To amuse myself while he slept, I put on my new lingerie from the Rosemar hunt and started dancing and watching his head follow me around the skybox. :)

His private dancer

After I danced a while, I pulled out my posestand and started posing myself around him. I probably could have just gone to bed, but I didn't want to leave him just standing there. I had fun posing around him, though. :)


This is why I never really get bored. I can amuse myself very easily. :)

But it's definitely bedtime now because tomorrow night at this time I'll either be all wired up from the party, or I'll be getting my afterparty relaxation treatment.

Oh! Be sure you check out Are We Not Men. It's FINALLY been updated...and holy cow, I almost fell off my chair. LOL Link is on my blogroll. :)


Casandra Shilova said...


My bf & I were standing facing each other while we talked and his head dropped forward onto my shoulder - he had fallen asleep in RL! I have a pic!

Nuuna said...

What's up with men?!? I've got almost a similar experience. :) I guess we tire them out, poor things.;)

PS. I like you blog. Have been reading for couple of months now, but this is first time i pulled myself together and actually will leave a comment.:)

Bettye Dugan said...

That happened to me once as well...not very romantic! :P And OMG the Are We Not Men? I thought he'd never be back! I almost spit out my coffee. :)

Sai Pennell said...

Haha~ too funny! That has also happened to me with my ex-partner as well. He had fallen asleep and since he had the anti-afk thing, I had no idea thats why he wasn't talking to me until the next night when he told me XD

Anonymous said...

awwwww... I think that is soooo cute! You are hilarious Alicia and Levi is one good sport! ;)

I bet he was upset that he missed the party when he saw the pics/blog! ROFL