Tuesday, June 3, 2008

La la la.... I had caffeine, go me!

I know a seeeecret...and you all donnnn't! Woot!

I'm a brat. I get told that a lot. :)

So I went out today to deal with some RL issues that I didn't really plan on dealing with today [it all worked out, and it wasn't anything bad anyway, so no worries], and when I got home, I had a be-bunch of gifties waiting! My at-the-moment favorite shoe store of Periquita gave out 3 pairs of pastel pumps! [I'm wearing some Periquita wedge shoes in my header pic!] Pixeldolls, to make up for all the subscribe-o-matic troubles, sent out a whole bootyload of gifties, including some skins, boots, 'kinis, and other stuff. Plus I got the Surfline freebie of the week today, but I won't show you guys that until closer to the end of the week, as much as I love trying to be the first to show it off. LOL It's the cutest little 'kini, though! I <3 it!

But I still have my looking pretty money to play with tonight! I just don't know what to even shop for, though, because designers are really just too generous!! Tell me where to go buy pretties!!


CeN said...


Are you doing the na-na-na-boo-boo dance?

Alicia Chenaux said...

Of COURSE. A secret isn't a secret unless it's accompanied by the dance. LOL