Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This, That, Things, and Whoosh!

I've mentioned before, and Cen has mentioned before, that our SL is completely random. One tiny thing leads to just the craziest stuff happening.

But first, I want to know which one of you has been keeping League off my shopping radar. C'mon, fess up. Who did it? I really wanted to buy myself something cute today because it was a long day, and I felt I deserved it, but I couldn't think of anything. Then, I stumbled upon a dress on SLExchange from League, and so I popped over.

OMG, cute clothes! I ended up buying some short shorts and a tank top. LOVE the shorts. Just LOVE. Looky.

Outfit from League

Cute booty

Totally in love with this store now. I'm gonna buy some jeans from there because I'm always on the hunt for the perfect jean.

Now, after this, I was in the pit trying to decorate for tomorrow's Hump Day Party, and Cen signed on and we started talking about shoes. So I turned to the Ch'Know group and asked if anyone knew where to find some summery flats or sandals or something.

Well, there's one thing you have to know about the Ch'Know group. We can be chatty as hell sometimes. And I'm pretty convinced that being crazy may be a requirement to get in. LOL They had me cracking UP. The conversation went from shoes to trees to all kinds of things. Pretty soon, they started showing up at the pit, and we had a little impromptu party!

Impromptu Party

It was loads of fun, even though the girls tried their hardest to get Herman the Hermit [aka Wrath Paine] to join us and he refused because he thinks he's better than us or something.

Or he was just saving his nose from Kellee's NOT-pastry head.


We were also treated, later, to a little show by one of the Viper Squad members. Yes, I took pictures. They are being held for blackmail purposes. :-p

Anyway, I meant to log off pretty soon after the party started breaking up, but I headed over to see Cen and Dyami for a bit. He's got the coolest place. Well, Cen had to give me the tour. Dyami took off 2 minutes after I got there. LOL

Cen and I finally did go on a shoe shopping trip, hitting up a place Kellee had given a LM to, Shiny Things, and the Periquita $50L sinkhole at The Starlust. She bought the wedge shoes like I have, and suddenly was inspired to put on a swimsuit. I couldn't let her be the only one, so I put on the new suit I bought at SecondWave Apparel on Monday and we headed to Surfline. She had the idea to rezzy a jetski, which I actually had, and we took off all over.

The following pictures illustrate what happened. At least on my screen.


Wtf is that?

Jetting away!




It was pretty bad. LOL Cen managed to make her way to some ... I don't know, icey showroom thing and teleported me there, but I couldn't turn right or left unless I was in mouselook. :-p

Anyway, it's 3am and I am sooooo overdue some sleep.

Hey baby, if you read me later. :) Don't worry about waking me up, either. I hope you're ok. It made me sad to see you pop offline before I even got a chance to talk to you.


CeN said...

OMG I'm dying laughing so hard the dog outside started barking LOL.

That is TOTALLY not what I saw. Well parts of it, the pink thing, us flying through the air, but then I landed and you were just... just gone!

CeN said...

Oh - and Ali - you may want to clarify that it's your tatoo showing on the sides of your swimsuit in that last picture... not some left over OMG didn't wax yet for spring thing going on. LOL I'm just saying!

Wrath said...

Hey! You should know and respect that I was having a tree planting crisis as of late! And I have the AR email to prove it!

So, I was actually being productive while you guys were rambling on about summer shoes - I was in the middle of planning the landscaping for tons of trees and stuff that I needed to move away from ad farm property lines, etc. :-P

Alicia Chenaux said...

Cen - OMG! LOL!! You know, I did think about that when I got the suit. Maybe I'll just take the tats off next time.

Wrath - Sure, sure. You're gonna whip out that AR every chance you get so we think you're a tough guy. :)

CeN said...

LOL Ali - Don't worry about the tats too much.

Now that I go back and look at the pictures more closely I see I've got a whole lotta ass hanging out so who am I to talk. I swear my suit is actually somewhat conservative when I'm in a standing position!