Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where is the hair?!

So to get away from the fat/thin thing, I'm going to start a new thing.

I would like to speak up on behalf of the men who can't find a decent hairy chested skin.

I will be the first to admit that I L-O-V-E men with body hair. Oh, not crazy Chewbacca body hair. But give me a man with a nice patch of hair on their chest and a nice little happy trail and I'm in heaven. But it's almost impossible to find a decent hairy chested skin in SL. And sure, I guess there's probably prim hair somewhere out there, but then you wouldn't get the little effect that I absolutely adore, as shown by American Idol judge Simon Cowell in this picture.

Little patch of hair

That little glimpse of chest hair when a guy has his shirt unbuttoned a little... ROWR!!!! OMG. LOL

But almost all the male skins I see in SL are smooth. Not even underarm hair! And if it is there, it's not always very well done. And while I completely understand some guys love the smooth look to show off their muscles [and I'm totally not against that!], where is the love for the men who are rugged and hairy??

I'm standing up for you, men. I'm begging skin designers to create some great hairy skins for you!


Terri Zhangsun said...

DragonFly Designs has a lot of hair options for men. I actually think they have some of the best men's skins out there but not to crazy about the womens unless you like a more mature exotic look. If I were a male av, I would buy my skin from them.

CeN said...

Also a fan of some amount of body hair on a man, little on the chest, arm pit, a treasure trail...

Seeing less of it in SL might be reflecting RL though, more men are choosing to remove body hair I'm told.

Creag Emmons said...

Hey, we're not all hairless! check out my manliness:

I also have some standalone body hair for those odd times when I wear a different skin than my favorite. A good place to find that is Vakis Oranos' "Body Hair Shop." Talk about your creative business names...

Someone recently asked me why I have a pudgy, hairy avatar with complexion problems. I told them that perfection in SL is easy. Looking good with flaws? That's a challenge.