Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shopping & Pics

I did something tonight I haven't yet done. I shopped at Armidi. I know, hold back your gasps of shock. lol I have tried on hair from there before, but never bothered with buying anything really because I felt like I could find near enough the same stuff somewhere else for a lot cheaper. And for the most part, I've been right. But I had some money to burn, and I was a bit bummed out for a few reasons, so I went and splurged on myself.

But does anyone else feel like a Wal-Mart shopper when they go there? I felt like I was going to be tossed out for being a Cheapinista instead of a Fashionista. I probably would have kept feeling that way but for 2 things. 1, almost every woman there had some kind of "Dancer" tag on her head. And 2... this woman came dancing in while I was trying on shoes.

Very happy to be at Armidi?

Skin oil, a prim skirt very firmly embedded in her butt because she didn't resize it to match her very round and big bottom [she wasn't a watermelon ass, thankfully], and blinging as if she was getting paid to do so. This picture doesn't show the amount of blinging she was doing at ALL. And she was dancing. She dropped it like it was hot all over the floor. So after that, I felt better. I ended up buying shoes, a shirt with little hearts on it, a jean skirt which I love love, and some hair. [I kinda have buyers remorse now...but what can you do?]

Luckily, Cen signed on before I made a lap around the place again [is it ALWAYS that laggy out there????] and I went with her to Digital Dragon so she could spend her gift card. Cen? Did you actually end up buying anything? LOL I was thinking you didn't since I know how you are like me and all new things must be worn right away.

After she went to say goodnight to Dyami, and I relogged to shake the lag of Armidi off me, she and I went to play in her photostudio. Ok, so it was Dyami's photostudio, but now it's hers too. :-p You can see one of our pics when we were goofing around on her blog, but I caught this one too. It was one of our quieter moments.

Cen and me

She and I haven't had a lot of time in the past week to just hang out by ourselves like we usually do, so it was nice to goof around with her and bounce around the studio. After she logged, I went back [because they're nice enough to let me come in and play there] and took some pictures of myself. I really kind of forgot how nice it is to just open up Photoshop and play with pictures for fun and not because I'm making a build texture or something that I need quickly. I like the way these turned out.


In the corner

Window view

Holding Light

Btw, if you didn't know, Sai Pennell is having a sale on her older poses at her store, Imperial Elegance. [SLurl] The sale poses are $15L each or $150L a pose pack. I bought one pack earlier, but I think I might have to go back and get more because her poses fit me really well.

But speaking of poses... I did a little whining earlier tonight and I should have Poser 7 by tomorrow. I'm excited! I've been having fun in QAvimator, but I want to make some couples poses and I'm pretty sure that's easier in Poser. Now my worry is that my computer is going to freak out by me adding a new program to it. I may have to do some more whining and get this puppy a little more power.

I needed to call my high school sweetheart tonight but then I realized I didn't have his new number because he told me when he got it, he'd call me and let me know it. But we don't talk except maybe every 3-6 months and we'd just talked on Mother's Day. My mom had called me earlier to let me know that his grandma died at the end of last month. I cried and cried when I found out. We'd had this great relationship in high school [despite the fact that he was gay] and his mom just hated me. He was a freshman and I was a junior when we started going out, and she couldn't stand it. Plus, I wasn't pretty, with dried out bleach blonde hair and big glasses. Your basic hot mess. Oh but you know she loved me big time when he came out of the closet the summer before my senior year, and she wanted us back together. LOL But his grandma was always very good to me, and I always appreciated that. He had told me that she was very sick and didn't have much longer, but she was just one of those people you think will ALWAYS be there, no matter what or how old you get. I just wish he had called me to let me know. I know why he didn't, because he has always tried to protect me from being sad, but she was very important in our hometown, where my parents still live, so of course I was going to find out. She was a good woman. She really was.

Ok...before I start crying again, I'm going to bed. I'm so exhausted. I don't even know why I'm posting all that about my friend's grandma. lol I'll probably edit it out tomorrow.


Sehra Kauffman said...

Cute pix :)

Creepy dancy avi :(

Teddy said...

Welcome to the club!

Casandra Shilova said...

It doesn't matter if they are related to you or not, it's hard to lose someone you care about. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

grandma's should NEVER go off into the light - they are just so needed adn their loving is soooooo good! :)

Krissy said...

You shouldn't have buyer's remorse about the hair, it looks really good on your avi. ;) I like Armidi, their textures are top-notch, but I don't like their "big brother" presence over the little designers. But that's another topic... Sorry to hear about your friend's loss, thank goodness for memories.

Dyami Jameson said...

The pics look great Ali. You guys are getting way more use out of that thing than I have. And you know that you and Cen are always welcome to go mess around there anytime.

CeN said...

I know what you mean Ali, we haven't had time together in soooo long LOL I'm kidding, I do know what you mean, I miss our just me and and you times too.

No I didn't buy anything but I have a few things picked out so if I still want them today I'll go back and get them. I was trying to avoid impulse buying.

Great Pictures *hugs*

Calista Janick said...

Sorry to hear about your loss :( it sucks, I lost a grandma close to me recently too, and I know it's hard.

Armidi has the best everything :p lol. It's my favorite place and I don't mind spending triple the price when it comes to them, although I'd like to visit the stores you say you can get the stuff cheaper for....Good quality clothes is always a great find especially if you can get discounts!
I have that Angel hair I love it :)

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Oooo I'm oogling Cen's cleavage! lol

Yes, Armidi is always that laggy :) I think I only own a sweater from there. I saw it on Sai's Fashion Labyrinth blog and HAD to have it there and then. (the link goes to the exact post - it's the off-shoulder boucle sweater... isn't that sweater just lovely?? *drools*)

Sai Pennell said...

I love Armidi - and honestly, I personally like to pearch on the ledge above the TP point and watch those exact dancing style of people TP in, so I can get a good laugh at them.

Armidi makes fantastic quality stuff, and I think their prices are pretty reasonable on most things. But the lag... omg. /me goes into a cave and cries.

And zomg - Someone making use of meh pose sale!! *huggles Alicia*