Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First I cry...then I get too excited. Sounds like me. LOL

The worst thing EVER happened last night. I just....I just don't know if I'm over it yet. I mean, you hear about it happening to other people, and you just don't think it'll happen to you.

My internet died.

/me covers her face and sobs.

LOL, ok, so it's not that bad. But it did piss me off, especially since I was talking to Levi at the time and trying to post here before bed. It had been flickering in and out for most of the evening but it wasn't bad enough to do much except not let pages load the first time and shut my messenger off [which wouldn't have been bad if I would just save the login info in it so it would autoconnect] but it was annoying. Finally it just conked out altogether. Oh I was so mad. I went to bed in a huff. The thing was, it wasn't COMPLETELY gone. But where it usually says 54 Mpbs [whatever that means], it was now at 1.

Did you guys ever see the South Park episode where the internet almost dies all over the world, except for them having some really slow speed internet in a camp in California? Yeah. Think that. LOL

But I'm back now, so yay for me. :) And my baby sent me 2 outfits from one of my most favorite stores in SL! Thank you so much, baby. I just ADORE them!!!! And I adore you, but you already knew that. ;) I can't figure out which one I want to wear today!

And wait till you ladies see the Surfline freebie of the week that's coming up. Oh it's so kee-yoot! Well, if you like pink. And cute dresses. :)

However, we have something to discuss at the moment. TONIGHT'S PARTY!!!!!!

We're going to be in the rave ball tonight at the birthday girl's request, but if you have the landmark from the last rave, throw it away, because I've done a couple of changes. :) You'll TP in to the pit courtyard [SLurl] and you'll pick up a landmark from the big sign. That'll shoot you up to the landing point of the party ball, and I've got some party goodies for you all. Then just walk through the glowing purple door and you're in! :) The party starts at 8 and the theme is PJs & Boxers. You don't have to dress in the theme if you don't want to, we just want to see you up here! :)

[And look at the birthday girl, already putting in her requests. She is so bossy. LMAO! I'm kidding, sis! I love you!]

I get way too excited on party day, but I'm double more so today. Someone's gonna have to tie me down before I fly all over the place!

I have another post coming up soon, but well, party information takes priority! LMAO


CeN said...

OK yes I am bossy LOL and I love you too.

I just thought I didn't want to request a song tonight then have you scramble looking for it LOL.

I know you already have my "theme" song and since it's my party we'll be able to play a little country I figure.

This new one I wanted just for fun. Can you tell I"m excited?

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I'm going to try to come! But that means I must sleep NOW... coz I'll have to wake up at 9am lol (it's 3am at the moment) But it'll be worth it coz once I start work next week I'll never be able to attend another Hump Day party again :*(