Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look into my brain...

Ever wanted to know what it's like to be me when I'm sitting here reading blogs and stuff?

* I'm really happy with how the Ch'Know group is turning out. I debated for months on if I wanted to start a group for my store, because I don't update all that often and I didn't think people would want to use a group space just for me. But after looking at all the other groups, and seeing how often people joined groups to try to talk to people with similar interests only to be screamed at with "NO! You can't talk in here! You're bad! Stop talking!" I decided to make the group and state very plainly that I want you to talk in it. I want people to chat so that they can meet others and so they don't have to be lonely in SL. Even if all you do is sit at home, at least there's a silly chat you can participate in.

* I really need to start putting together a disco music folder. LOL I don't think tonight I can just randomly pull stuff out like usual. Besides...I have a lot of disco music.

* Why don't I really like gold? I like the color yellow, for all that I don't wear it often. But I don't like gold. If I were in the Olympics and I won the gold medal, I think I'd ask them for white gold.

* I really need to start hopping in IM boxes of some guys I know to ask them embarrassing questions for a blog post that has been formulating in my head for a while.

* Oh man, I really need to finish up on the secret project.

* I wonder what Levi is doing right now. Maybe I should surprise call. No, he's been super busy at work lately. Maybe I'll just IM him instead.

* I still can't believe I'm partnered. :)

* I need sandals. I went shopping the other night for sandals and ended up with some really cute shoes from Periquita but they're not what I set out to get.

* God, why do I still have a tummyache? Did I eat tomatoes too soon?

* Cen and I should have taken our teaser pic last night while we were in disco gear.

* Should I do something to make the party ball more disco?

* I'm hungry.

* Did I give Mr. Kitty his flea meds for the month? Oh yes, I did, because he gave me a dirty look.

* Pets in SL are so much easier to take care of.

* I can't believe I had another SL dream. I wonder if that dance is really in SL, though. I bet it's not.

* Is my disco outfit disco enough? It's short enough, that's for sure. I can't bend over.

* I need to get in world and answer some of the overnight IMs.

* I need new dances too.

* Why haven't I been in NWN lately? Oh yeah, because I haven't been talking about anything important lately. That would do it. LOL

* Where's Kellee? And Andria? And Kharisma?

* You know what's worse than having a tummyache? Having one and being hungry. That's so stupid. My body totally fails.

* Why don't more people go after free gifts? Some people think that they're too good to accept a gift? It's a wearable demo, for pete's sake. If you like it, you can shop at the store. If it's crap, you never have to go back and you can delete it from your inventory. I wish it was permissible to just slap people.

* Actually, I wish I could just slap RL people too.

* I really need to start putting together my disco playlist.

* I'm still hungry!


Meara Deschanel said...

lol Ali. I love your brain. XD

Wol said...

"Why don't more people go after free gifts?"

Well, since you asked: I'm one of those who will turn up and leave without taking the freebie. There are two reasons. First, I'm struggling to cut my inventory to under 10 thousand items, so I don't pick up things that I don't absolutely love and know that I will wear. And secondly, even if the freebie is something that I like, I will often not take it if I won't be going bck because the store doesn't appeal. I feel vaguely guilty taking things from a place where I know I will never spend money (silly, I know).

Anonymous said...

/me waves

I'm back and I'll be at tonight's party! *hrmmmm disco*

Casandra Shilova said...

lol cute post! Mine skidders all over the place too :D

I totally agree with you about groups. I hate it when someone (particularly someone new) asks a real question and gets landed on hard for spamming. I IM them privately if I know the answer.

When I learn enough and create inventory and set up a shop, I intend to have the same kind of group. Ask questions, say hi, talk, it's okay, better than that it's friendly. I've been in three groups that are fine with chat and the caring and love is obvious. I would do the subscribe-o-matic for the people who can't stand chat.

CeN said...

*covers her eyes and chants


I don't wanna look, I don't wanna...