Friday, June 20, 2008

How lucky!

If it hasn't been obvious, I love dressing up in all kinds of costumes from the cute little doll to the vampire gothy girl. [I never seem to be able to deviate from being cute, though, even when I'm trying to look tough. I'm not quite sure why that is.]

So I was excited today when Tox1c Chemistry sent me this wonderful dress!

Crimson Shadow - Lucky Chair Dress

This dress is called Fleur, and is from Draconic Kiss. It is now the lucky chair gift at Crimson Shadow! [SLurl] You can also buy it there, if you just hate waiting for lucky chairs, for $500L. The SLurl is for the lucky chair area, but you will end up at a landing point. Hopefully you should get the little arrow showing you where to go, though. :)

The outfit comes with the bra, corset, jacket with sleeves, skirt, bloomers, stockings and stocking tops, earrings, and a choker. Lots of pieces, but it all comes together in one fabulous outfit.

The Crimson Shadow sim is really cool, too. I took the picture out there in area I've never seen before, despite that I've been out there a few times.

So if you love lucky chairs, and cute fluffy goth dresses, be sure to go hang out at Crimson Shadow!

In the picture I am also wearing 'Whitney' hair by Celestial Studios, 'Sara' skin by Free Speerit in Vogue makeup, and the Elise 2 Elevate shoes by Tesla, which were a group gift some time ago.

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Anonymous said...

ooh. just my style. *goes to wait for an A* good thing we don't go together, I'd knock you over to get to an A lucky chair with that dress on it. XD