Thursday, June 19, 2008


Super fun party tonight!! Filled with giggles, fangirling, and lots of sexy outfits. I'll have the pit parties Flickr updated tomorrow with some pics as I go around yoinking pics off blogs and stuff. :) Thanks again for such a wonderful party. I look forward to these all week, but especially today when it had been such a craptastic day. lol

I'm sleepy and my baby just went off to bed, so I thought I'd do Cen's meme. I had no choice but to use Google since all my history was erased from the browser. *Grrr*

"Those of you who may be tapped out from the Big Bad Blogger Challenge and need an idea for a post, why not try this meme.The original meme I read said to go to the address bar at the top of your internet browser, type a letter of the alphabet, and write down what website comes up. That didn't work so well for me. Instead I tried it with Google. I typed a letter and the following is a list of the first word that came up in my auto-populate."

A - abyssopelagic
B - Bare Ass 2008
C - caffeine detox
D - daughtry
E - earwig
F - Face!
G - goofus and gallant
H - hairy chest
I - i caught fire
J - Jack Black king kong song
K - karate kid shower costume
L - LSL Wiki
M - Margaret O'Brien
N - natural cold cures
O - obnoxiousness
Q - queen bees
R - radio front
S - salmonella
T - talk dirty to me lyrics
U - unnamed executive producer elephant man [What? LOL]
V - vast
W - watermelon tourmaline properties
X - xanax
Y - yearbook
Z - zales


CeN said...

I love Daughtry!

Karate Kid Shower Costume?

Calista Janick said...

Hairy chest?!? LMAO