Monday, June 9, 2008

Bare Ass 2008!

Don't get all excited, it's not MY ass. :)

If you haven't noticed, one of our BBB challengers is a RL blogger, JellyKean, the White Girl With A Fat Ass. No, that's the name of her blog, I'm not calling her names! I first became aware of her through an article she'd written for the Divine Caroline site - Frog Sex. Read it. How could you NOT want to run to her blog after that?!

JellyKean, along with being a fabulous writer, is also a very good person and she's raising money for America's Second Harvest, a very worthy organization that helps to provide food assistance to over 25 million people each year.

I did a google search on the organization and saw nothing but good things said about them, unlike so many other "charities" that are out there.

Now, what JellyKean is doing is trying to raise $5231 USD for America's Second Harvest. If she does this by December 31st, she's posting a picture of her bare ass on her blog! However big or small that booty is, it's going up on the blog. Isn't that something? :)

She does have a way for you to donate if you have the money and the inclination to do so. $1 USD can help America's Second Harvest provide 16 meals. 16!! Somehow $1 USD donated equates to $30 USD worth of groceries since the organization is big. But think about it. $1 USD [approx. $274L for us in SL] can help with 16 meals.

So if you're able to, think about donating to this very worthy cause. How much do we in SL spend on all of the items that help Relay For Life? Cash out some of those $L and give a little. You'll help feed people - and we'll get to see a blogger's booty at the end of the year. It's win win!!!


Creag Emmons said...

Alicia, how about an inworld partner drive? Pick an amount to collect and donate to her, and a date, and if you hit it we get to see YOUR cute derrierre?

Or maybe I'll do it and see what people will pay me if I DON"T show mine...

jellykean said...

Thanks so much for this!