Friday, June 27, 2008

Lovely night...until the pineapple

I got to spend hours with my partner tonight. Sorry, I'm still all giggly that I get to call him my partner. :) He is, without a doubt, one of the easiest people in the world for me to talk to and that is really saying something.

But after he logged off, I stood up and felt kind of dizzy. Oh silly me, I forgot to eat! In fact, the last thing I could remember eating was some popcorn around 3pm, and it was at least 12 hours since then. While I was waiting for soup to heat up, I shoved a pineapple ring in my mouth. I forgot that citrus fruits on an empty stomach make me totally sick. So now I'm sitting here trying to not feel icky.

Levi took me to the place where he got his awesome disco outfit. Oh man, talk about some disco clothes. I saw gold sequined hot pants! He bought me a bikini, so we had to go home so I could try it on. Of course, that led to me trying on some lingerie and dancing for him, which led to other things. Luckily in SL, we don't have to worry about the effects of eating Taco Bell and having fun. LOL

Cen emailed me some pics from disco night, so as soon as I get those resized and stuff, I'll have them over in the pit parties last week's party too. LOL I've been a bit procrastinatey lately on a lot of things.

I think I'm feeling ok enough to lie down now, so it's bedtime. :)

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